Tegan and Sara Get Along DVD Premiere Audition with Clea Duvall

Available now at www.teganandsara.com Tegan and Sara “Get Along” is a CD set that includes a live record and collection of 3 films that give a rare and intimate look into the lives of these two widely celebrated songwriters, performers and musicians. The first film — STATES — is a 30-minute documentary that uses American touring footage and interviews with Tegan and Sara as a backdrop to illuminate their early career beginnings and their unique connection with their fanbase. The second film — INDIA — is a 25-minute documentary shot during Tegan and Sara’s first-ever tour of India, using interview footage with Tegan, Sara, and a cast of family and friends to chronicle diverse reflections on road life. The third film — FOR THE MOST PART — is a special 1hr10min stripped-down studio concert, shot with a live audience of 75 fans, friends and family over two days in Vancouver, BC. Credits: Produced by Superclose Music Inc. and Warner Bros. Records. Trailer shot and edited by Claire Vogel.

Directed by Mike Roberts. “Haunt You” is The Pack ad’s second video from their 2011 release, Unpersons.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Responses to “Tegan and Sara Get Along DVD Premiere Audition with Clea Duvall”

  1. Xilstealth says:

    99.3 The Fox. Thank you radio? for letting me discover good music!

  2. purpletang21 says:

    Live 105 Halifax,? Nova Scotia!

  3. JRockFan says:

    I meant “guys” in a general sense,? because honestly, I didn’t expect there to be the issues of gender brought up about the comment. Good grief.

  4. JRockFan says:

    I never said they weren’t, and I’m quite aware from the video alone that? they’re women. I meant “guys” in a general sense.

  5. forrestgump33 says:

    Throwing it? out there, 91.3 the zone.

  6. TheUKfan93 says:

    Winnipeg’s Best? Rock,Power 97.5

  7. drift king says:

    live? 105.1!

  8. Jasbris says:

    2nd? that.

  9. LastWhiteBoy says:

    Sonic 102.9 -? best radio station in Canada

  10. TheVoeman says:

    i cant stop listening to this song maybe its what ever? the lyrics are wooot

  11. abbyguy says:

    Holy cow….it’s the White Stripes? lite

  12. ssbbman12343 says:

    LIVE 105.1 Modern Rock Halifax!?

  13. AmberMFerguson says:

    I think this is probably? the best Pack A.D. video thus far. Love the others, they are funny or entertaining, but this was just badass.

  14. Gigatonne77 says:

    I love British Columbia, here are two more reasons? its the most beautiful place on earth.

  15. yamaman600 says:

    best station Ever! and thats a fact ?

  16. thedrummerdude777 says:

    Well, they? are now officially coming to X-Fest 2012. Are you happy now?

  17. tyrantmind says:

    x92.9!! ?

  18. Seemon6 says:

    Wow. I don’t think they’ve ever listened to Tokyo? Police Club……..lmao

  19. joshhinc says:

    awesome song !? edgefest’12 is gonna be insane ! XD

  20. massimoCUBE says:

    cant wait for edgefest,? july 14 baby!

  21. exponentialreduction says:

    Listening to this in East Van, wearing a Pack AD shirt. Couldn’t get closer to? home!