Tech N9ne in Vancouver (2010)

Tech N9ne in Vancouver (2010)

Some nice 2nd row footage I got at Tech N9ne’s 2010 concert in Vancouver BC, Canada. Witness him smoke a joint on stage for the first time ever, a Vancouver BC exclusive!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

July 1-6 2012 summer Vacation…I had a good time and I loved it! Did I drive you away? I know what you’ll say You’ll say, “Oh, sing one we know” But I promise you this I’ll always look out for you That’s what I’ll do I say “Oh” I say “Oh” My heart is yours It’s you that I hold on to That’s what I do I know I was wrong I won’t let you do Oh yeah, yeah, yeah I will, yes I will I say “Oh” I cry “Oh” Yeah I saw sparks Yeah I saw sparks And I saw sparks Yeah I saw sparks Sing it out La, la, la, la, la oh La, la, la, la, la oh La, la, la, la, la oh La, la, la, la, la

15 Responses to “Tech N9ne in Vancouver (2010)”

  1. seancb1990 says:

    I was at that concert…. Tech N9ne kills it everywhere he goes…..the best live concert iv ever heard and seen…..i have been a fan since absolute power….does anyone know if hes coming back to vancouver with mgk this year? for the hostile takeover tour????

  2. thehiphop420 says:

    Comment? removed

  3. MusicthatsStrange says:

    wow i ment to put too OH NO its ok though? your a canadian so im not offended

  4. vancitypuff says:

    You pay good money for tech to get off his dick… I don’t even know what that means pal. U mad bro? honestly I? can’t tell because of your slight retardation. Who’s on who’s dick? Anyway that post was a year old so you fail troll..

  5. MusicthatsStrange says:

    how can you say you give rappers the most love im in america we smoke we drink and we pay good money? for tech to GET OFF HIS DICK

  6. thespeechboss says:

    i LOVE canadian girls… they? are the most down to earth bitches… they come to my job (a vegas nightclub) every weekend… i swear and i meet them all the time..

  7. ALMOSTLAKAI34 says:

    2:56? a bra

  8. adman108 says:

    he’s coming to van in may,? he’s performing with snak

  9. 4d4jooz says:

    Bahaha oh my god Tech I need to see you NOW! Go on tour this? summer!!!!

  10. kilroymk420 says:

    you goota love tech ? he makes every show worth it

  11. vancitypuff says:

    cool ?

  12. Booshibonton says:

    cant believe i missed? this

  13. bationnation21 says:

    huh? lol dude u replied to me a month ago? haha I’m? confused as to why your saying this? If you were expecting a reply…… a month ago. I mean I read your comment and agreed? lol I was un aware you wanted me to comment back just to say haha yea that’s true.

  14. vancitypuff says:

    and where did? I say they didn’t…

  15. kenosgr says:

    THE RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?