Team CZ

A few nice Vancouver BC images I found:

Team CZ
Vancouver BC
Image by Michael Kalus
Team CZ’s entry into this years competition

Enbridge Review Panel Noise Demo
Vancouver BC
Image by Caelie_Frampton
January 14, 2013, Coast Salish Territories. Thousands of people turned up to voice their opposition to the Enbridge pipeline Joint Review Panel. The demonstration, organized by Rising Tide and endorsed by 50 groups, marched from Victory Square to the hotel where the closed door panel is taking place.

Stephen Colbert arrives on stage
Vancouver BC
Image by MikeBrowne

3 Responses to “Team CZ”

  1. PLaneTSedge says:

    Good times – & a great cause… see U next one too i hope!

  2. soma_slim says:

    Finally, an American who understands Canadian humour!

    seen in the Vancouver Pool

  3. MikeBrowne says:

    ‘Tis true. Colbert’s great.