Tanlines – Vancouver

Follow Tanlines’ host Chris Jackson to Vancouver British Columbia and visit the historic Stanley Park and its beaches. Next we visit the sea mammals at the Vancouver Aquarium and then Chris heads to False Creek for the Alcan Canadian International Dragon Boat Festival. Come evening, we go to Bard on the Beach to see Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.
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*Sound might be a little quiet, turn up speakers*. The best fights of young Rick Rypien’s career. He’s one of my favorite Canucks and is arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the league. Some of the guys he fights are enormous and he makes them look like punching bags! The song is: For Those About To Rock – AC/DC

20 Responses to “Tanlines – Vancouver”

  1. Bryan White says:

    man…. he was the best. RIP Rypper.

  2. legit5436 says:

    Rick can rip? all asses

  3. johnny blaze says:

    lol ur so funny mickey i bet if he heard ur jokes hed come out of his? grave just to take a piss in ur mouth.

  4. shareamickey says:

    Even though he’s dead, I? be the could still beat your ass.

  5. johnny blaze says:


  6. Austin McCormick says:

    No matter what team he played for he was a fan favorite, and by far the best fighter in the NHL, form vancouver you will alwayse be remembered a Canuck. ?

  7. MrUnderdog04 says:


  8. funcitygirl says:

    beast mode. <3? rick.

  9. mitchman696 says:


  10. lopedawg1 says:

    that boy could strait chuck? some dukes

  11. MrJosh5675 says:

    I miss Rypien, He was the biggest beauty in? the show <3 R.I.P.

  12. ImaCanadianxD says:

    R.I.P.? Your spelling.

  13. jeepcj7dude says:


  14. ChronicRecords says:

    makes me sad watchin this. ryp in 1 year span became my? favorite canuck. RIP

  15. 2012wasmyidea says:


  16. kyoku1982 says:

    Thanks for all the memories? Ripper. RIP.

  17. Hexinvir says:

    RIP? Rick Rypien, best figheter the NHL has ever seen

  18. 21boomboom21 says:

    would appear 2 people are oilers? fans

  19. MrSh1ftn says:

    stortini? enjoyed being rypien’s punching bag

  20. akoits says:

    RIP Rick you are the greatest fighter in NHL, thanks for standing up for? our guys.