Tailing Salmon In Canada BC.m2t

Pemberton Fish Finder, Guide Sheridan Knowles Lands his first Chinook Salmon of the year on his first day on the Birkenhead River. The River is 20 minutes north of Whistler BC and 1 hour and 45 minutes north of Vancouver Canada. Fly fishing is great in this river.
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5 Responses to “Tailing Salmon In Canada BC.m2t”

  1. 4826jarontheman says:

    you guys need a? net!!

  2. turner593 says:

    thanks ?

  3. PembertonFishFinder says:

    there are? plenty of Chinook in the Lillooet and Birkenhead Rivers. Check the local regs for closures.

  4. turner593 says:

    do you guys ever catch any real fat stubby? nose springs up there .

  5. adamitshelanu says:

    Wrassle those big? boys!

    Love it!