System of a Down–Tentative / Cigaro–Live @ Rogers Arena Vancouver 2011-05-12

System of a Down performs at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver in May 2011. Link to playlist of this show (from start to finish, minus a few songs that I didn’t capture):
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “System of a Down–Tentative / Cigaro–Live @ Rogers Arena Vancouver 2011-05-12”

  1. RadarMan913 says:

    Daron is rock God right? here. how can he not be.

  2. Bahlzack816 says:

    Daron? plays ending part more complicated than I thought

  3. Primitiveamoeba says:

    serj now looks like will farrel and daron now looks like? alice cooper

  4. daronofadown says:

    esperandolos ? en mexico con boleto en mano!!

  5. 4aaBaa says:

    soad yes? you are back!!

  6. mayhemusic100 says:

    6:15 Serj’s awesome? dance

  7. mayhemusic100 says:

    press 6 to hear? Daron talk about his cock

  8. 0O0Axium0O0 says:

    I? was there. the floor was insane!

  9. blueNwhiteguitarist says:

    4 people got de-animated ?

  10. thezombiekiller1313 says:

    pause at? 1:02……….i want my bass to do that in the light

  11. Freeman8268 says:

    haha? daron ^^

  12. gibsonsfriend says:

    Soooo sick!! I have to see them live!? By the way… is it not okay to like Blink and SOAD as well?

  13. Dominik Fit says:

    sometimes even he stops playing guitar at most greatfull parts of this song : < this is too? sad.

  14. Dominik Fit says:

    but worst at playing guitar. He play like he had playing 2-3? years max : < this is so sad.

  15. marouane bendraif says:

    Oh god … Happy to see the first metal band that? i ever hear in my life they were the first open door for metal for me i was so opsseced by them i will forever love them

  16. Powerwordthug says:

    That statement made my day?

  17. rchananlopes says:

    But… Serj is? not the same 🙁