System of a Down opens show in Vancouver–Prison Song / BYOB–Live 2011-05-12

System of a Down opens a long-awaited reunion show in Vancouver at the Rogers Arena on a late-spring day in May 2011. Link to playlist of this show (from start to finish, minus a few songs that I didn’t capture): Set list of this show as posted at setlistfm:…
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15 Responses to “System of a Down opens show in Vancouver–Prison Song / BYOB–Live 2011-05-12”

  1. OkJohnnyLetsGo says:

    in my pants.? eyyooooo

  2. ruaridouglas says:

    John Dalmayan, appearance of a? maniac, heart of gold.

  3. LORDKALHEV says:

    Serj? with mustache ja

  4. AronChevrier says:

    Now if only they came back to Ontario on that leg of the? reunion tour.

  5. BurakTheCock says:

    the? first i thought when they played BYOB was “too soon”. my neck was swollen after the first song. i was diagnosed with neck cancer after this concert.

  6. wdowa94 says:

    I am nod talking about destroying, im talking about? more energy, more move, more agressive screaming vocal…

  7. wdowa94 says:

    NEED MORE AGGRESION ON SCENE, Or just wait for? my band palying on so big scene….

  8. traxdata1100 says:

    i need them? in croatia or serbiaaaa

  9. THEidiotmaniac says:

    <-- Useful everytime I want to? watch this :D

  10. KoRnwallace1122 says:

    they? did

  11. kilylbc says:

    /watch?v=7EN6Tw2jv_Y&feature=rĀ­elated This is? the best audience? in the world, ARGENTINA!

  12. 6TwistedIllusions9 says:

    Hope they stay reunited and make a new? album! +D

  13. RedBlackStar1936 says:


  14. dimotionable says:


  15. TheSaoback69 says:

    tomorrow? i will be there (mexico)