Swollen Members – Fresh Air

New Track from Swollen Members called Fresh Air. Off new album called Dagger Mouth! SICK!

22 Responses to “Swollen Members – Fresh Air”

  1. terriblefingers says:

    so? there’s 2 versions? DOPE!

  2. mmobrowa says:

    i thought it was transformers. the theme? during the credits.

  3. MegaPrizza says:

    anyone realize the? background beat is from the old-school transformers

  4. 850iStyle says:

    sounds like? a doom beat

  5. waterboycallis says:

    i find the beat is a little too much, but i guess? its evolution

  6. derrick18777 says:

    can? sombody please send me a link to the instrumental to this? Rob the viking has just become a idol of mine with the alchemist..

  7. OfmexicanDsent says:


  8. SaintC1D says:

    don’t sleep on SWOLLEN? MEMBERS. Wake up world!!

  9. MrPigglesworth says:

    the ressurection of hip hop,? thanks S&M for listening to your fans! battle axe warriors for LIFE.

  10. savage3221 says:

    When I talked to Mad Child after a show last year, we got to talking about some? of the albums previous to “Armed to the Teeth” and he said “Hey man, thanks for sticking with us for so long. I know that we departed from some of our older style on this last album, but we’ll be back a little more towards the older style that we got started with on the next album”

    I’ve been stoked for it ever since.

  11. XxXxASTROZOMBIE5xXxX says:

    now thats more like the swollen we’ve come to kno and love, this one song was a thousand times better than their? entire last album

  12. Hometerv says:

    swollen? meets transformers …. very nice

  13. Hometerv says:

    lol? transformers meets swollem …. very nice

  14. MrFragtastic89 says:

    This sh*t is so new only the true Swollen? fans know about it. Ahhhh, feels like family

  15. harleymcbride666 says:

    this the? shit homie

  16. PitbullXJ says:

    Sounds like? Swollen is back to their roots.

  17. Meric665 says:

    Its the song at the? end of Transformer cartoon……

  18. Davemo69 says:

    yea it is some fantastic beat id love to gta hold? of the instrumental

  19. note156 says:

    Yeah thats exactly what i was thinking…so did my brother….i think it is the transformers? joint…

  20. rjt1991 says:

    Toooo Gooood Like The 10th time ive? listened to this today.

  21. Davemo69 says:

    i thought it was from transformers? cartoon when they in a chase scene

  22. boxstars says:

    dam this song is dope? gonna de dope when the album comes out