Surprise!! We’re going on a cruise!!

Told my wife we were going out for lunch. Instead, drove her to the airport so we could fly out to Miami to catch a cruise!

22 Responses to “Surprise!! We’re going on a cruise!!”

  1. Tosh Roberts says:

    He’s getting so much fellatio on that cruise!?

  2. envyisblind98 says:

    please dont say that because i just booked a cruise going to nassau bahamas and i will hate to be dissapointed : ( it really that? bad ?

  3. rachel sue says:


  4. Talia Tomilson says:

    aww how cute! best husband? ever!

  5. Themaxima8777 says:

    You shouldn’t driven her to? the airport after telling her you guys were going then told her you were just kidding lol lol lol lol

    I hope you guys had a great cruise..

  6. BruiserKnux says:

    My wife would kill me if I made vacation plans without confirming it with? her.

  7. neloza86 says:

    if only women would do nice things like this for men, it seems most of the time, it’s? the men who have to do the impossible sometimes to maintain a relationship.

  8. gothguy1998 says:

    That’s so cool… I’m going on the carnival? fascination September 1st

  9. Quay Jones says:

    Yea that’s wat I? mean this upas is crazy see how it’s said upas instead of ipad

  10. TheReplay1995 says:

    Sweet*? lol.

  11. Hambrgr says:

    Yes,? it made me sweat to.

  12. Quay Jones says:

    thats so? sweat

  13. pineappleguru1980 says:

    Coolest ever! I hope you guys had? a wonderful, romantic trip!

  14. Niareno says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh what a GREAT Hubby!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! HOW SWEET!!! I got teary eyed too!! I’m Happy for you both!!! Hope you had a GREAT time!! It’s so great to create memories like these ones, life is short, enjoy every minute of it!!!


  15. cameplaitbeaucoup says:

    that’s horrible but i? cant stop laughing at it!!! lol XD

  16. myst93 says:

    2000 thumbs? up sir

  17. luisonia1218 says:

    wife comes home and? moby is dead

  18. fothermuckerfy says:

    pls mry me? also

  19. fame122095 says:

    lmao @ the top comment and? my husband better do this for me when i’m married!!

  20. dougconley says:

    Husband? packing wife’s suitcase =’s not good idea. Nice surprise though!! 🙂

  21. sarahpengs says:


  22. itsanabanana1234 says: