Supernatural – Season 6 Gag Reel “Bloopers” – FUNNY!

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “Supernatural – Season 6 Gag Reel “Bloopers” – FUNNY!”

  1. abigailbilbo says:

    he’s? a god

  2. Ella Depp says:

    “Is Bobby’s entrance that way?”
    “I’m not? gonna eat it, that’s disgusting, I’m gonna wear it as a wormstache!”
    Best ones. x’ d

  3. truszkowskaoliw says:

    2:47 the best for me? 😀

  4. mantika531 says:

    thin skin,bad breath ,never seen a vag— in their life Ive seen this a 100 time and I laugh? every time!

  5. mantika531 says:

    THANK YOU! I have? been going crazy trying to figure out what that can was…….lol

  6. mantika531 says:

    LOL ? so good!!!

  7. Destielwinchester023 says:

    i want the season 7´s gag reels!!!!! >.

  8. Bandicot neurem says:

    03:16 -? 03:24

  9. Agentbutthead2012 says:

    Nobody’s perfect. Tho its so cute how they start acting like kids when they mess up their? lines.

  10. ILoveLipgloss916 says:

    “when u? were turning tricks on santa monica boulevard” lmfao

  11. FeedYourKids says:

    @7:49? though omfg cas

  12. lost619 says:

    XD I’m not going to eat it…I’m going? to wear it as a wormstache

  13. betsybottomdollarxx says:

    Jared in a? female voice : sexy bastard! hahaha

  14. camochevys96 says:

    (this? applies to all gag reels and bloopers and what ha e you) that appearentky even being sam and dean winchester you have your off days. and days off! love the show and the bloopers!

  15. musicgirl313 says:

    “You know the one thing? that’ll kill freakin anything, right?”

    “Chuck Norris.”

  16. niallhoransprincessX says:

    3:25? My body is ready Xx