Sunset Rock Vertorama

A few nice Vancouver Canada images I found:

Sunset Rock Vertorama
Vancouver Canada
Image by ecstaticist <– I tweet when I post on flickr.

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This was not easy because of the exposure difference between the upper and lower parts of the shot. I did two HDR images, balanced the exposures by eye, converted them to TIFFs and then ran the stitch in Photoshop.

See the ghost bird? It flew in on one of the upper frame exposures.

Directly above the rock is huge Celebrity Cruise ship that had just pulled out of Victoria harbor about 30 minutes previous. The 28mm wide on the G10 makes things small in the distance.

This is the thing about HDR. It gives you a better chance to convey a moment the way you enjoyed it with your eyes, adjusting exposure on the many parts of a scene, taking it all in. It is just photographic technology, not the "bastardization" some camera purists make it out to be. These same purists might be shocked to learn some of the darkroom tricks of their heroes. Photography does not end the moment the light hits film or sensor. At least, not for ME it doesn’t 😉

Vancouver Yacht Club
Vancouver Canada
Image by w4nd3rl0st (InspiredinDesMoines)
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On the east side of Stanley Park, not long after you enter from the main entrance, there is a great place to photography the Vancouver skyline. An added bonus is this awesome boat harbor. I really enjoyed my time shooting in Vancouver – the low clouds really reflected the light from the city.

If you ever visit Vancouver, you won’t want to miss the beautiful views of the city. Here is my shot list of the top 5 places (in my opinion) for photographers:

1) Stanley Park (day or night). Be sure to shoot the skyline, the totems, visit the zoo, and enjoy the gardens.
2) Drive up to Cleveland Dam. There is a beautiful park there complete with hiking trails, views of the two "Lions", and an awesome reservoir.
3) Drive up to Cypress and stop off at the scenic overlook. Bring your longest lens – on a clear day you will be rewarded with some spectacular views of the city.
4) Shoot the Lion’s Gate Bridge and the Vancouver skyline from West Vancouver.
5) Head on over to the Chinese Gardens and Chinatown. Vancouver has long been home to many immigrants. This is one reason why you can find so much diversity in architecture, parks, churches, and the people.

If you are efficient, you can shoot all of these in two days. I did not have a chance to shoot inside the city as much (there are many great parks, churches, and the famous Gastown area). I’m sure those are awesome as well – I will get them next time.

What are your favorite places in Vancouver?

More information: – This is a great resource for photographers in Vancouver. If you are looking for classes, photowalks, or just tips on where to shoot – check it out.

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The Yaletown Threesome
Vancouver Canada
Image by vancityhotshots
A shot of a typical Yaletown scene.
Shot taken from Emery Barnes Park

In the middle is The Grace tower. Here is an excerpt from condopedia:

"Constructed in 2008, Grace is a 30 floor, 71 unit complex that epitomizes the kind of living space desired by Vancouver sophisticates. Located in the heart of Vancouver’s famed Yaletown district and designed by Merrick Architecture, the building has a classical European influence about it, making it an exceptionally striking building in a region already filled with exceptionally striking buildings. With plenty of amenities within the building and plenty of shopping and sights outside of it, there is no doubt that Grace counts itself amongst Vancouver’s most desired places to live."

Downtown | Vancouver | Canada

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    ..and very interesting buildings especially the one in the center..

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    [] It is indeed!!! Very VERY SWANK Yaletown condo tower called The Grace. I have many photos of the building. Quite spectacular and WAY out of my real estate purchasing powers!

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