Sunset motorcycle ride in British Columbia, Canada.

Sunset motorcycle ride in British Columbia, Canada.

Motorcycle Riding into the sunset on the Sea to Sky Highway between Porteau Cove and Lions Bay, British Columbia, Canada. Highway 99 is one of the most scenic roads in BC, especially from Vancouver to Whistler, portions of this road was redone for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and now the Sea to Sky corridor is on par with the scenery. There were three high definition cameras used in the making of this video, Sony HDR-HC3 mounted on the handlebars, Sony HDR-HC9 for tripod shots, and the Sony HXR-MC1 POV helmetcam. The music is from the Sound Track Pro Library entitled, Silent Motion. Virtual Riding TV Experience Canada from a motorcyclist’s point of view. Travel through Provincial, and National Parks, World Heritage Sites, and the scenic roads that take you there. Vridetv has filmed some of the most beautiful places in Canada using high definition video cameras on handlebars, and the rider’s helmet offering a Virtual Riding sensation. Visit our free website and explore Canada today at http

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40 Responses to “Sunset motorcycle ride in British Columbia, Canada.”

  1. canadianice00 says:

    This is beautiful! My husband and I are planning to do this ride soon…? and your video makes me excited about it. I love your choice of music to go with it. Thank you for sharing!

  2. jaarmen3 says:

    Beautiful video. Thanks? for sharing it.i

  3. Morelloo1 says:

    i love? going skiing to whistler, just cause i can look out the window and contemplate life for an hour and a half.

  4. Ammarensky says:


  5. ryanandkarenchannel says:

    Great video into the sunset! BC is beautiful!?

  6. Morelloo1 says:

    nothin? better than a sunset drive up to whistler for a ski weekend.

  7. koukosdreamer says:

    its like a dusk ride on heaven,god! wish i was in his? bike!

  8. Tourstart says:

    Evening rides are a bit special – riding down into the sunset nice and easy? on a smooth ride. Yup, it is for sure beautiful in BC.

  9. exploreryen says:

    BC is beautiful.?

  10. ALMSfuture says:

    god those roads look smooth for being in Canada. I live in Minnesota, and it would be the end of the world before you could find a road that hasn’t been torn to crap. The winters just ruin them year after year.

    great? video

  11. dialtones6 says:

    Jeff, have made that drive myself on my way to/from Whistler…OMG did Mother Nature ever show off when she created that part of our planet…and superbly captured captured and rendered by yourself. Cold and icy in Maryland…as if I needed to want to ride any more stronlgy…then I go watch this fabulous video! I have enjoyed other of? your videos as well; pls keep up the great work. We need you out there!!

  12. Videoxon says:

    nice video?

  13. twomuchmonster says:

    wow im on vancouver island, and when i get my licence im definately driving this road? in my Audi 4000 sunroof open!

  14. kawasakikazu says:

    It? is beautiful.

  15. vridetv says:

    Hey 13mordeth,? thanks for checking out this video and for subscribing. I just got back from your website m13onlinecom, very cool, looking forward to your private series. Ride safe, best regards, Jeff. vridetvcom

  16. 13mordeth says:

    who are these 2 mysetery people that thumbs down everything on youtube…hehe…it’s probably the same two guys thumbing down? every video.

    Nice video. Saved and favorited. Oh and I subbed.

  17. jmbean68 says:

    Awesome vid as always! Must be nice to enjoy this kind of? scenery everyday.

  18. rex4x4 says:

    omg? what a great video ……. the night vids were the best .

  19. snapcracklecooper says:

    sara is the hottest?

  20. kaycj11 says:

    Me? also a 5’1″ lez-b. salute.

  21. kstewluver96 says:

    i think tegan is way prettier and soo cool? 🙂 but i love them both!

  22. Itachiboii9898 says:

    Tegan is hotter. She’s got the personality and humor too, I like them both though. But I like Tegan? more.

  23. dcureb says:

    Sara is hotter. But we? love Tegan too 😉

  24. whyiaskyou79 says:

    Tegan has a ‘sexier’ look, and is? more of a gregarious people pleaser, sharing more personal stuff with the crowd, and kind of has that ‘cool guy’ appeal.
    Sara has a ‘prettier’ look, seems to care less about what people think of her, and has more of that ‘dark mysterious introvert who drinks coffee and reads’ appeal.
    They’re sexy on their own,? but together it’s like a lethal weapon of HAWT.

  25. andreasmellon says:

    straight guys who love Tegan and Sara are? ace.

  26. wojo4hitz says:

    eek yeah… probably better not to.?

  27. JasmineASmith says:

    I wish there was? a way to get all these comments to them just to see what they would say… Like reading these things made me get slightly creeped out, I’m a fan too and I love them but some of these things are really kinda weird. Like that stupid girl who jumped on stage at one of the concerts.

  28. informalcrabmeat says:

    dat? hair

  29. KuraiShinzoo69 says:

    Sara is the hottest? for sure.

  30. AndThenSheGotMad says:

    Tegan is more beautiful, Sara is? the cutest.

  31. amazingpony says:

    agreed. this is how i see it: Tegan is effinn hot. Sara is adorable. i think that explain who i’m more? into 🙂

  32. heelieshavewheels says:

    i cant say which one i prefer more, they are both gorgeous. tegan is more of a love addict and? lovable type of person and sara is a funny dorky adorable type of person its hard to choose one! although i must say, sara’s defined face makes me go nuts but tegans charming personalty also makes me go nuts *sigh* only if i cld have em both -.-

  33. IDontWantToKnow19 says:

    its called “Where Does The? Good Go”

  34. clairemikris says:

    What song was it that? they started to play?

  35. SerenityMellissa says:

    “people in our lives just declare? ” tehe Tegan wrote most of my favorites.

  36. xJewlz08x says:

    . I think the opposite. I think in order to be a T&S fan, you have to understand the meaning of the ampersand ;] Love them both! It’s Tegan and Sara, not Tegan? or Sara.

  37. BurningBunnyRabbits says:

    Why do we? have to choose? That’s why a threesome was invented! xD

  38. Rabidfangfan247 says:

    Tegan is taller, hotter,? and MY favorite!

  39. TheTrueNinja12 says:

    Eek!? I can’t choose.

  40. semisweetheart12 says:

    Dude tegan is soooo hot but I? kinda have a little thing for sara