Sunny D and Rum – Gianni Luminati [Walk off the Earth]

Mp3 Download: WOTE and Beard Guy shirts and undies!!! – click here: Gianni Luminati pumps out a loop pedal cover of the smash hit “Sunny D and Rum”. Walk Off The Earth’s new EP “REVO” is available for pre-order right now! Follow this link for details: Fall tour dates (US only) are ALSO available for pre-order! Follow THIS link for details: WOTE TOUR DATES! TICKET LINKS: September 30 — St. Catherines, ON October 24 — Buffalo, NY October 25 — New Haven, CT October 26 — Boston, MA October 27 — Towson, MD October 28 — Philadelphia, PA October 30 — Pittsburgh, PA October 31 — New York, NY November 02 — Cincinnati, OH November 03 — Chicago, IL November 04 — Grand Rapids, MI November 06 — Nashville, TN November 07 — Birmingham, AL November 08 — Atlanta, GA November 09 — Orlando, FL November 10 — Ft. Lauderdale, FL November 21 — Calgary, AB November 22 — Edmonton, AB November 25 — Vancouver, BC November 26 — Seattle. WA November 28 — Portland, OR November 29 — San Francisco, CA November 30 — Los Angeles, CA December 1 — Santa Ana, CA Shmoyoho!! We apologize for jumping on the Sunny D and Rum bandwagon but this song is WAY too catchy! The only way to get it out of our heads was to make this video! Plus, the drink is frighteningly
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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35 Responses to “Sunny D and Rum – Gianni Luminati [Walk off the Earth]”

  1. CleeBlatt1 says:

    made my day!?

  2. TheJudithho says:

    Who are those unknown? guys at the back…?
    – xxx – Mij

  3. poyor91 says:

    dat? bASS.

  4. Samuel Randl says:

    That happens when u have sunny D and rum:O i tasted it? its truley yum

  5. YourFaceIsPengg says:

    Bass was badass !! :D?

  6. HelenaaSpangler17877 says:

    iphone 5 well the poor people would? like to have one

  7. Abenicht says:

    Dat bass?

  8. agnes5cello says:

    I can’t stop watching it! It’s hilarious!!!? 😀

  9. Dianderson1816 says:

    Please make this? song longer. It could be your forst single

  10. driftaw says:

    I love? the bass line in this.

  11. jokonsch says:


  12. Karwwin says:

    NOO!! The beard guy i s? the best 😀 😀

  13. Bradman801 says:

    This was? hilarious

  14. leetsoup says:

    moar length plox?

  15. desktoppriest says:

    The sum is greater than? it’s parts.

  16. skankingpigeon says:

    after take 87, the? shots of sunny D and rum started getting to him…

  17. andrewspov says:

    sounded like a double? kick at the beginning – Gianni, share your technique man….how’d you do that?

  18. wolfnilson says:

    Please do? Space Oddity from Mr. Bowie, willya? For Me!

  19. MissCurly788 says:

    that makes me? laugh! 😀 I love it! and yea, it’s definitely too short! 😉

  20. Alberto Morales says:

    you are so PRO! i salute you sr HAHAH awesome? 🙂

  21. 12345abcdef49 says:

    That baseline is tasty?

  22. smrcek says:

    Sure, I am.? Why?

  23. koohl911 says:

    i have? a feeling that your foreign..

  24. sebspliff20 says:

    he seems a little slow?

  25. Nick Fong says:


  26. Nick Fong says:

    5:50 He told? Kobe in the shower that hopefully he could play with him one day hahahaha that’s too gay for life

  27. NotGibby says:

    Nardwuar? vs. Nardwuar

  28. Gemsoulful says:


  29. TheFutureRingKing93 says:

    Nardwuar looks like if these guys would ask em to suck em up he? would do it lol

  30. Michael Ayon says:

    such a nice guy. smiling the? whole time and had nothing but nice things to say

  31. BlakePlaya says:

    He’s labelled an asshole? People call him one because of the Harden incident, plus the Pacers brawl. You gotta stop listenin to what? other people say man. Just sayin

  32. GThrasher128 says:

    To be honest I thought he would be an asshole because? that is what he is sort of labeled as but hes really cool in this interview.

  33. Major Mon says:

    Nardwuar vs. Chief Keef??

  34. LoogieRules says:

    nardwuar vs? masta ace

  35. PinoyBacon says: