Summer Vibe – Walk off the Earth (Original)

Summer Vibe - Walk off the Earth (Original)

An original song from Walk off the Earth filmed on Hamilton Beach in Ontario, Canada. Walk Off The Earth’s new EP “REVO” is available for pre-order right now! Follow this link for details: Fall tour dates (US only) are ALSO available for pre-order! Follow THIS link for details: WOTE TOUR DATES! TICKET LINKS: October 24 — Buffalo, NY October 25 — New Haven, CT October 26 — Boston, MA October 27 — Towson, MD October 28 — Philadelphia, PA October 30 — Pittsburgh, PA October 31 — New York, NY November 02 — Cincinnati, OH November 03 — Chicago, IL November 04 — Grand Rapids, MI November 06 — Nashville, TN November 07 — Birmingham, AL November 08 — Atlanta, GA November 09 — Orlando, FL November 10 — Ft. Lauderdale, FL November 21 — Calgary, AB November 22 — Edmonton, AB November 25 — Vancouver, BC November 26 — Seattle. WA November 28 — Portland, OR November 29 — San Francisco, CA November 30 — Los Angeles, CA December 1 — Santa Ana, CA Please help us share this video by posting it on your Facebook/Twitter etc…thank you! SUMMER VIBE LYRICS: I’m looking for a summer vibe, got me turning on the radio, I gotta kick these blues Working all day, trying to make pay, wishing these clouds away I want to feel the sunshine, hit the sand Take a walk in the waves, with nothing else

22 Responses to “Summer Vibe – Walk off the Earth (Original)”

  1. monteggg says:

    Bass Ukulele :O badass!?

  2. kannabeez says:

    I LOVE? IT !!!

  3. Fariass00 says:

    I don’t even like? this kind of music, but you’re awesome 🙂

  4. jollebollo says:

    realy? its very good!!!!!

  5. Kommholdaslassoraus3 says:

    Beard Man is like ” Bitch please, i don’t need? shades, i got my beard!”

  6. cencio1999 says:

    You guys are? amazing ????????????

  7. Robert Faria says:

    I’m from Venezuela, a bunch of people and i just found this channel and got hypnotize by your music, is amazing. I love every song every cover, they’re even better than the original songs. I wish i we could hear you guys in a live concert. Good luck to you all from Venezuela, keep? up the good work.

  8. bgytf12345 says:

    Ao Ao? Ao ba ba waO

  9. Pamela Valencia says:

    I so love this song! Very original? and I couldn’t expect less from you guys!! You are awesome!!

  10. denim2900 says:

    Ha! I bet that at least 5,000 of the 1,804,958? views are mine

  11. luis ricardo sousa ferraz filho says:

    Hi my name is Luis? Ricardo’m from Brazil and I had no orkut hakquearo because I wrote so I’m not yet in the channel of you, I’m more than 3 months seeing you thanks for reading.

  12. JanisKuncitis says:

    hippie? girl

  13. mulyonost says:

    Why everyone didn’t know what? the beard guy was playing..
    It’s a pianica, in my country (Indonesia), we played it since we are at elementary school 🙂

  14. thombli4 says:

    gotta love walk of? the earth! : )

  15. uygar filiz says:

    oha? ya çok güzell 😮

  16. Moredhelmorvai says:

    Loving this tune 🙂

  17. daddo39 says:

    This band is my? new musical obsession

  18. TheZoeMonroe says:


  19. Llocky Cuevas says:

    I can? feel the summer in the month of October while watching this in high definition.. good job guys!!

  20. miguel98692 says:


  21. Taly Venegas says:

    muy buenos!!?

  22. TheError1337 says:

    Are you? seriously saying that bearman is a hippie? 😮