String Cheese Incident- Desert Dawn (HD) 7/3/2009

Video Rating: 4 / 5

6 Responses to “String Cheese Incident- Desert Dawn (HD) 7/3/2009”

  1. PATTYKAN3 says:

    go blow? your dads ass. gtfo

  2. bubbleboy789 says:

    god this music? blows

  3. AsherNasher says:

    The only reason I wanted to go this year was for Cheese, but paying over $500 to just see them is far out of my price range. Hopefully they’ll do a live stream like at Hangout or Iclips will? be there again.

  4. AsherNasher says:

    Agreed. I had a blast at the first two Rothbury’s. Even had an amazing time at Electric Forest. But there is a lot of magic missing from EF that Rothbury provided. Honestly, I think it’s the electronic music crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I love dubstep, house, and dnb (I’m even a dj), but the following for that scene is, for a lack of a better word, dirty. Last year at EF, I spent hours after shows helping the staff clean all the trash. The amount of powders we? found was sickening…

  5. DizZstruction says:

    Rothbury 09 was amazing…..EF is? not the same

  6. standingonthemoon89 says: