Street skiing in Trail BC.(short edit).m4v

SICK!! Street skiing video filmed in Trail BC.

17 Responses to “Street skiing in Trail BC.(short edit).m4v”

  1. IWENTHOME2010 says:


  2. Sk8Mafiask8er1 says:

    Love how the bus says uphill? at 2:21

  3. joevadino says:

    people like wtf @ 1:33? LMAO

  4. x0sammeh0x says:

    Haha and i live there and watched him and his friends on topping shoveling snow under a railing to try and do a jump that? kinda worked 🙂

  5. insanemoveproduction says:

    what? an idee….must be a canadian 🙂

  6. mynameisjoe123ful says:

    Go canadians!!!!?

  7. eikles says:


  8. KHEbmxr125 says:

    dude? ur skis must be shreded by now

  9. halflife103 says:

    Ha, my friend told me about this 2 days ago. Just remembered it now.
    Looks like from some Nelson and? Trail.

  10. fan1014419 says:

    And this is why im a canadian! :D?

  11. 5ive5tarEnt says:


  12. Nyan4Ever says:


  13. ThePoop123499 says:

    1:11 woulda sucked if there was a car driving down the? street

  14. calegrnt says:

    So do the sponsors haha “what do you? mean another set?! that’s 3 this season”

  15. MilswancaMason says:

    I? feel so bad for those skis

  16. svuke says:

    Song is dance yrself clean by LCD Soundsystem.? Yes it’s spelled yrself.

  17. Super2011Mommy says:

    In? one word, Wow. Welcome to the Kootenay’s.