Straight No Chaser Performing “I’m Yours”

Straight No Chaser Performing

Straight No Chaser Performs “I’m Yours” in the Virgin Radio 9 5 3 Factory in Vancouver, BC.

14 Responses to “Straight No Chaser Performing “I’m Yours””

  1. AFazota3 says:

    you are? really freaking rude

  2. chocotacoman98 says:

    Have you heard Mraz live??

  3. mama2josh23 says:

    Several of the guys do solos depending on the song. Mike and Jerome typically get most of them, but Seggie, Tyler, and Walt have had some as well. Even Charlie and Randy have had a solo or two and they are basses. Part of what makes this group so amazing is that they all get a chance to shine. Just for the record, I am not knocking your opinion, I am just letting you know about the soloist issue. 🙂 I do agree with you? that they are AWESOME!

  4. mama2josh23 says:

    Michael Luginbill…. he also has a solo album out there…. amazing singer and one of the 10? nicest guys you will ever meet.

  5. mama2josh23 says:

    That would either be Charlie or Randy…. they are the two basses…. Charlie will tell you that they are basses because they can’t remember the words to songs therefore also explaining why they? don’t get many solos. LOL

  6. mama2josh23 says:

    It isn’t on their Christmas? albums… it is on “With a Twist” or “Six Pack Volume 1”

  7. mama2josh23 says:

    Was Mike sick during this… It looks as though he might have a tissue balled up in his hand. And no, I don’t think he sounds bad… he sounds amazing as always. I love listening? to these guys no matter what. Heck… they could sing the phone book and I would be happy!

  8. tacknup says:

    We saw them last? month in San Diego at the Balboa Theatre. Awesome!!

  9. JRANDJD1 says:

    I like this version better than Jason Mraz’s version.?

  10. jamaalkidman321 says:

    i wonder which one is jerome….?

  11. whitelightbulb41 says:

    I get CHILLS every time!!!!!!!! SNC is the one of the second BEST? ACAPELLA GROUPS ever.

    GREATEST acapella is Rockapella!!!!

  12. estiercolollo says:

    intro: over the? rainbow

  13. ojDASH says:


  14. Eternity487 says:

    That black? guy was getting really into it