Standard Action: Episode 2 – The Druid

Martin’s boss gets more than he bargained for when he turns payday into a surprise performance review. Visit the Standard Action website at Created by Joanna Gaskell Directed by Rob Hunt Produced by Joanna Gaskell Starring Allen Sawkins as Bob the Cleric Daniel S. Johnston as Martin Nicole Riglietti as Trixie the Warlock Vanessa Driveness as the Waitress with Background Performers Vanessa Driveness Ishnu Director of Photography Rob Hunt Second Camera Carla Miller Camera Assistant Joanna Gaskell Editing and Special Effects by Rob Hunt Sound by Ishnu Pat Tuckey Music by Pat Tuckey Production Design by Carla Miller Properties and Set Dec by Vanessa Driveness Carla Miller Costume Design and Construction by Vanessa Driveness Edwin Perez Wardrobe by Vanessa Driveness Edwin Perez Lighting by Rob Hunt Ishnu Prosthetic Design and Construction Ashley Young Prosthetic Application and Makeup by Jennifer Ruth Adrian Valla Written by Joanna Gaskell Production Assistants Vanessa Driveness Ishnu Edwin Perez Special thanks to: Derek Newman The Fish House in Stanley Park — Vancouver, BC TommyJib Camera Cranes http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Awesome, awesome, awesome band from Vancouver, BC. They often do live shows here and played at the Jazz fest 2010

33 Responses to “Standard Action: Episode 2 – The Druid”

  1. eldersprig says:

    charisma 22?? Get your cash, and find another party.

  2. ariess951 says:

    Hey, don’t knock the warlocks, we infernals will see you soon, despite? what she said, she was definitely had a fey pact.

  3. MoonCleric says:

    Lol, my druids intelligence is 16. ?

  4. GabrielMajere says:

    Charisma of 22 maybe, but comeliness…. let’s not go there. XD If you played first and second? edition you get it. :p

  5. tubewatcher60702 says:

    10? foot poles? HA! Amateurs, you know how many traps have a 10 foot blast radius? Real adventurer pros always bring an 11 foot pole along to use.

  6. ThatWeirdoOnVideo says:

    “Now that is the? face our customers want to see”, and they wonder why customers pay them with stew.

  7. mineycrafty99 says:

    Bahaha the building just? casually burning in the background.

  8. TheGamingTrip says:

    10′ pole — It’s one of the perks of playing pre 4th edition rules :)?

  9. aragorn1780 says:

    the D&D/D20 version of a girl that concentrates on being? attractive but is a shitbag everywhere else xD

  10. Joel Sasmad says:

    That? druid was meant to be a wizard or a warlock.

  11. JakeKeers says:

    “All fresh faced, clutching their trail rations and their ten-foot poles.” I? loved this line XD

  12. OverlordJake says:

    This is? sweet.

  13. Joanna Gaskell says:

    Fantastic! Keep watching – it just? gets better. 🙂

  14. Bormindin says:

    Great! I am only on the? 2nd episode – and i love it.

  15. Joanna Gaskell says:

    Lol – I responded to your question on Episode 13 – hopefully that’ll help you? out! Short answer? Yes.

  16. Magehaven says:

    6:56: this is my first time watching these episodes… But is he supposed to be wearing converse shoes??

  17. Joanna Gaskell says:

    @blinddoctorwho @IvoryGoblin Yay, go Zombie Orpheus!? We love those guys. Glad you found your way here!

  18. IvoryGoblin says:

    This? show is awesome. I also found you through ZOE. Love it! Keep it up

  19. blinddoctorwho says:

    I’m so glad I found you guys from Zombie Orpheus!? This show is amazing!

  20. blackheartedelffairy says:

    LOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE IT!? I always think youtube can use more fantasy. =D

  21. minecraft4781 says:

    I knew? about this band before I was a brony does that mean im a hipster? lol

  22. ihazcheese says:

    What? I’m a Brony and I actually? like this band…

  23. DarkGred says:

    MLP only bring me here. Now are? one of my favorites groups, aside reel big fish and MSI

  24. ThisIsSoKoool says:

    What hate? You got the wrong idea. No? hate from me at least 😛 just sayin stuff 🙂

  25. skatealmost95 says:

    i am so sorry? i ever commented ._. so much hate and people telling me im wrong…i was making a joke…5 months ago…

  26. ThisIsSoKoool says:

    Maybe. I know? Ashleigh has said she wants to keep mlp separate from the band’s music. But I don’t think any listeners are just trying to do what you suggested. Maybe many bronies have tried to hear it once or twice in which case that doesn’t make them Hey Ocean’s listeners; it just makes them bronies who want to hear if Ashleigh sounds like Appljack or Rainbow Dash when she sings. If any brony moves past that and continues to listen to the music, THAT makes them Hey Ocean’s listeners. Like me 🙂

  27. TheIsobel51 says:

    the intro reminds me of the? Colbie Caillat song ‘Out of My Mind’. 🙂

  28. pwfordever says:

    Learned of the band because? of MLP.
    Stayed for the good creative music.

  29. zacharytanzhiyu says:

    Even though I never liked the modern crap (Singapore, 15 yrs old) I find this really nice, it’s different…… No autotune….. Love it….. Reminds me of 2000-05 songs, which were great, and had? actual, understandable lyrics…. -.- “Call me maybe?” is that a question, or some suggestion, or a doubt?

  30. ponywatch er says:

    I’m here? for good music.

  31. ItsTheWhinyGuys says:

    Speak for yourself; I’m here for the awesome music.?

  32. FarFigSchitter says:

    :O dat? bass line! Must learn, tabs maybe?

  33. EpicOru Ulterra says:

    Why thank you, let us enjoy this vid? together in peace and enjoyment.

    NOTE: that is how you(everyone else) should act when YouTube commentinging.