Standard Action: Episode 1 – The Barbarian

In this first official episode of the webseries Standard Action, Edda the barbarian learns that not all problems can be solved with violence. Visit the Standard Action website at Created by Joanna Gaskell Directed by Rob Hunt Produced by Joanna Gaskell Starring Joanna Gaskell as Edda Nick Palidwor as Cedric the Wizard Director of Photography Rob Hunt Second Camera Carla Miller Camera Assistant Ashley Young Editing and Special Effects by Rob Hunt Sound by Ishnu Pat Tuckey Music by Pat Tuckey Production Design by Carla Miller Set Construction by Adam Lucas Costume Design by Edwin Perez Costume Construction by Vanessa Driveness Edwin Perez Wardrobe Vanessa Driveness Makeup by Ashley Young Written by Joanna Gaskell Production Assistants Vanessa Driveness Ishnu Special thanks to: Mr. Build — Vancouver, BC
Video Rating: 4 / 5

22 Responses to “Standard Action: Episode 1 – The Barbarian”

  1. generalaltoid says:

    This is great! I hope season? two happens…. very very soon!

  2. booksaremagic1 says:

    Just found this? webseries, awesome!!!

  3. Ghotitheconquerer says:

    You? know, I wouldn’t give her up…

  4. BubblewrapOracle says:

    @Potted Rodent
    I thought it was a”boot” …hmm, she must? be German, then.

  5. peoswriter1 says:

    Joanna Gaskell (Edda) is adorable! I declare it? here!

  6. Potted Rodent says:

    She likes? to talk a”boat” things I hear.

  7. luckybastard21 says:

    Pft. Barbarians and Wizards. HA.

    Alchemists? all day everyday!

  8. benjaythewhite says:

    Man that wizard was stuck up.
    Now Paladins on the other? hand are always dependable.

  9. GamesR4FITE says:

    This is great, haha. Way to? lampshade the tabletop gaming webseries trope.

  10. GamesR4FITE says:

    My first boyfriend was named Cedric…and he had a? cat. UNCANNY!

  11. Rob Hunt says:

    I love topless robot! ?

  12. DoktorKlaus666 says:

    Thumbs up if you came here from? Topless Robot!

  13. akatsukileader987 says:

    Screw magic, BARBARIANS FOREVER!!!!!?

  14. dragonclam1 says:

    It reminds me of the Critical? Hit D&D podcasts where the first couple episodes are the backgrounds of the different player charactors and how they meet. I recomend checking them out if you havnt.
    PS: sorry bout the late reply

  15. Scottner1234 says:

    “These boots were made? for style, not fuctionality” lol hilarious.. great stuff, will watch more as soon as i can. 🙂

  16. OverlordJake says:

    lol, this? is incredibly awesome.

  17. Foxclass says:

    Next time, on? the young and the restless

  18. MRdaBakkle says:

    Damn this is a? great idea. You done good.

  19. angelusdemorte3 says:

    This reminds me of the? characters 2 of my friends usually make…they are engaged now in real life!

  20. Joanna Gaskell says:

    We always knew they’d come together in a quest, but yes, the first? two episodes were pretty much “origin stories.” The first four episodes were released slightly ahead of the rest of the season, and were meant to sit together as a set – sort of like a pilot of TV length. Then the story really sets in in Episode 5. 🙂 Thanks for asking!

  21. dragonclam1 says:

    I? watched all the episodes so far, and i have a question. Was it your intention to introduce the characters in funny ways then put them together in a quest or did it just turn out that way? Enjoyed all of the videos and cant wait for more

  22. dragonclam1 says:

    i watched all the episodes so far and the show, and i have one question. Was it your intention to kind of introduce the charectors in the first few and then? put them together into an epic quest or did it just happen?