St. Lucia : Twin Peaks, Celebrity Cruise Line profile

One of the many cruise lines that visit the lovely port of St. Lucia, Celebrity’s Cruise line’s ‘The Galaxy’ is showcased in this episode of Porthole TV. St. Lucia is a small lush tropical gem that is one of the windward islands of the Lesser Antilles bordering the Atlantic Ocean on its east coast and the Caribbean Sea on its west coast. Explore the picturesque fishing villages plus world class resorts, rain forests and sulphur springs. Morne Fortune offers a great opportunity for photos of the whole town of Castries, the harbor and even the island of Martinique across the way. Tour the island’s perfume shops displaying island perfume and the workshop where they are made. Harry the Banana man is the ‘banana expert’ on Similier Road educating guests to the islands largest economy – Bananas. Visit the trademark twin Pittons of St. Lucia.