Spice Girls – Spice Up Your Life/Stop

Spice Girls kick off their reunion tour in Vancouver, BC at GM Place on December 2, 2007. This is the two opening songs of the entire show. Enjoy!
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21 Responses to “Spice Girls – Spice Up Your Life/Stop”

  1. KyliesMCJ says:

    I can? and can’t believe they didn’t come to Atlanta. They should do it again nd include ATL next time.

  2. helikanimukty says:

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  4. Fancie1982 says:


  5. MultiPoles says:

    Lambada-Mel C.
    But? Hip-Hop Is Harder-Mel B.
    We Moonwalk the Foxtrot-Victoria
    Then Polka the Salsa-Emma

    Ginger, Sporty, Scary, Posh, & Baby.

  6. flurrym7 says:

    i love them i wsih that would happen again!!!!!!!!!!!! when they have concert they sing it better than in the recordings! :))?

  7. SH7861WeezyBabyy says:

    At 6:26 , at Vicky? B’s part, people scream louder, because she’s mayjah.

  8. sivlek23 says:


  9. PixieChick911 says:

    The Spice Girls kick the? Pussy Cat Dolls arses man!!!!

  10. sylar0120 says:

    subeloa ares?

  11. Kennyboy1 says:

    I love that scream of the fans when you hear the first LA LA LA LA LA, at? 53 seconds!! Its great!

  12. leofwine123 says:

    this is? the most amazing concert experience anyone could ever have.. 😀 bloody amazing! SPICE GIRLS ARE INCREDIBLE 🙂

  13. 22320523 says:

    subelo a ares?

  14. joodlesnoodles says:

    no way? in hell!!!

  15. joodlesnoodles says:

    you have incredibly still hands for someone who’s a spice girls fan. i? could not hold my camera still! 😛

  16. margaga says:

    i wana see them but i dont think their going? to the philippines:))

  17. BackToSecrets says:

    girlpower is back! I Love? them and you recording is great!!!

  18. nashriquez says:

    Are? they miming??

  19. nashriquez says:


  20. handextended says:

    Madison Sqaure Garden – Floor Seating!! Wooohoo!! Can’t? wait!

  21. wildwoodflower31 says:

    I want to see them! I have to find out if there coming to Sweden! I loved them since I? was little, they were like my first idols! I was crazy about them!