SpandyAndy – Tight Bright & Fearless – Documentary

Vancouver Film School presents: Tight Bright & Fearless – “The Man Behind The Spandex” Director: Courtney Barton Producer: Allister J McCreadie Editor: Jag S. Budwal Camera: Dylan Howard Spandy Andy: Spandy Andy Rimer Brother: Josh Rimer [YouTube:JoshRimer] Male Dancer: Takayuki Sato Female Dancer: Aya Itoh Vancouver Film School http
Video Rating: 4 / 5

19 Responses to “SpandyAndy – Tight Bright & Fearless – Documentary”

  1. ameliamlu12 says:

    @MotoDareDevil He’s Jewish. And? no, he has a girlfriend (Lycra Lindsey).

  2. Andy Minick says:

    you’re short! “yeah smallest guy? in town” serious lol here

  3. neppy503 says:

    Spandy Andy &? Josh, are both Bad-ass! Love you guys!

  4. MotoDareDevil says:

    Whats his religion?? And is he gay?

  5. PenOfDestiny says:

    What religion are you that bullies picked on you for??

  6. MrStanleymascara says:

    SpandyAndy Sou seu fã, o? Brasil ama você….

  7. noyes20b says:

    🙂 Seems like a most lovely person who is friends with my soon to be sister-in-law. Hope to meet yea at? the wedding. Until then, keep spreading the positivity.

  8. shawn1112006 says:

    Most positive, down to earth guy in real life I’ve met. He deserves his fortune and fame. Keep grindin and I can guarantee he will get there. Positivity for life! Spread the word Spandy Andy is? the best!

  9. iwantaseemore says:

    SpandyAndy you rock.

  10. Zoltan3939 says:

    He reminds me of Pee Wee Herman I think he will be famous also? like Pee Wee!

  11. buszman525 says:

    What’s? this song 6:30 ? Thanks ! 🙂

  12. max davis says:

    is? his brother gay

  13. TheJalicalex says:

    I love you Spandy Andy? . You are the awesomest 😀 xoxoxoxox

  14. yhnops says:

    Spandy Andy – cheers? from Poland 🙂 Keep up spreading positivity 🙂

  15. Imyomama says:


  16. sgtsnakeeyes11 says:

    blatantly? gay

  17. Ellie Meli says:

    Come on!! Don’t say that!! He’s too good-looking to be Alan! And hopefully he’s not jinxed like? him. He sounds very supportive to Andy and that’s really sweet. Keep it up, Rimer bros!

  18. tekproxy says:

    10/10 for? the credits alone

  19. 12smaa says:

    nice vid? keep it up