Spandy Andy – UBC Documentary

This documentary was shot in Vancouver at the beginning of 2011 prior to me leaving the city to perform at Marineland Canada, Niagara Falls. Link to CTV interview “Man Quits Job to Become Street Performer” Produced and Directed by Ben McLennan Join the TIGHT BRIGHT revolution: Learn more about me at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Vancouver Fire Engines 7 & 8 Responding for Alarms Ringing on Richards St
Video Rating: 0 / 5

15 Responses to “Spandy Andy – UBC Documentary”

  1. pennyproud92 says:

    Spandy Andy, you truly inspired me.? =)

  2. stav793 says:

    YOUR MY HERO Spandy Andy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!11?

  3. TheOakley165 says:

    pleas come back to? red deer!!!

  4. lostclaw2 says:

    i know whats the? next thing im gonna order online ^^
    you my friend are AWSOME.

  5. tomank101 says:

    Keep? a close eye on your bung hole

  6. tomank101 says:

    Andy I think that guy at? 8:10 is grooming you

  7. hadarzitron says:

    spandy andy?
    israel love you!? <3

  8. martinflones says:


  9. TheGirlsWhoDontCare says:

    I? try my hardest… 😉

  10. crobe croberson says:

    finally somebody who can? spell thumbs properly.

  11. ogsophie says:

    He pulled off a loose strand of fabric. Friendly gesture i guess?

  12. mobyboy says:

    leave my playlist? !

  13. MrFerdy1234567890 says:

    such? a joka

  14. TestSubjectTwelve says:

    That guy is awesome. I wish I had the guts he? does to stand out like that.

  15. floralbeatrice says:

    He’s more covered up because he’s in canada.? LOL this guy<3