Song; Cover: Radiohead – Karma Police by Thomas Morgan on The 6-String Bass – AMAZING cover!

AMAZING COVER! This is Thomas Morgan, of Melbourne Australia, playing a cover of Radioheads, Karma Police, on a 6-string bass in Vancouver, BC, Canada – Resonant Mind Studio. Join his Facebook page here: Tom is also in a project called Chaplyn, about to release an EP: This video was actually an unfinished version which wasn’t supposed to be released! Unbeknownst to us, it was leaked and put on reddit! We were going to take the video down and put up a new version, but got 13000 views in a matter of hours so we decided to let it go. *EDIT* Wow, Tom and P thank you all for your comments and support! The reason this video was on YouTube and was Unlisted was because it wasn’t supposed to be released yet! Tom was needing some material for an arts grant application and so an unmixed version was sent to him in a rush… However, once we get approval from the copyright holders, we will post a link for download? of the track with an improved mix and master for you enjoyment. Tom has a solo record in the works and more covers on the way!

25 Responses to “Song; Cover: Radiohead – Karma Police by Thomas Morgan on The 6-String Bass – AMAZING cover!”

  1. rflohrable says:

    This? is so awesome!

  2. ezmeskal says:

    So Dope!?

  3. RyeBai says:

    Well I know radio head but I didn’t actually like them.?
    What I noticed is that I’ll actually like the song thru cover artists.

  4. ppd343 says:

    Comeo n? man. Radiohead – Karma Police

  5. RyeBai says:

    I? guess all songs have to end at some point.

    I don’t know who they covered but this is great.

  6. Nathan Mcisaac says:

    Great cover!!!
    Mind checking? mine out (on my channel)?

  7. TheonlyWobble says:

    I salute you sir…Some people are blessed with? talent.. Awesome!

  8. fyerfyer1 says:

    Might as well throw my bass as wood fire? after watching this video …

  9. M1D1Manson says:

    and? people still say bass is easy…

  10. mull20641 says:

    the? king of harmonics

  11. TheMubinsyafiq says:

    greatest karma police? cover ever, hahhhhhhh cant stop hitting the repeat button

  12. jdmahooyahoo says:

    I like this? better than the original

  13. jerbersonmusicgroup says:

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  14. Palmmaaa says:

    one? word. Tabs.

  15. criminal moans says:


  16. theycallmenavid says:

    I tweeted this to Penn? Gillette! You rule

  17. Scradsleep says:

    wow i? love it it me letticia the girl on the train so cool

  18. 105Mittens says:

    Who could dislike this? 37 people are seriously disturbed.?

  19. narfy says:

    I’m a beginning bass player..? I don’t want to quit like the many comments are stating (what a silly thing to say!). Instead, this shows me a little of what is possible with the bass! Btw I like the raggae feel to your playing. :cP

  20. guitarspaz109 says:

    Amazing cover.? great job

  21. jarrettpeter37 says:

    This? video is popular on Harare

  22. Lultschful says:

    Damn, that’s good.? Baffled, humbled, inspired.

  23. staticcling says:

    good job, jason statham?

  24. CaptVikkus says:

    i couldn’t even tell there was one bass playing this without looking at the? screen :O

  25. fredericshie12 says:

    Your vid is a favorite on Rabat?