Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Some cool Vancouver Canada images:

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Vancouver Canada
Image by cabbit
Explore #100 – July 29th, 2009.
Vancouver, Canada

JUL 22, 2009 — VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada — The finale of Canada’s 2009 Celebration of Light fireworks performance. The theme was ‘The Wizard of Oz’. — PHOTO BY ANDREW FERGUSON

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The Elusive “Vancouver Million Dollar Views” – They Have It!
Vancouver Canada
Image by blazzzinred [vancityhotshots]
Downtown | Vancouver | Canada

In this series of photos I am concentrating on the amazing architecture found in Yaletown. For those of you who are not familiar with Yaletown, here’s a short history:

"Yaletown" was the original port side neighbourhood of Vancouver. Once the port was moved to the other side of the City Centre peninsula, Yaletown deteriorated and became a sordid decrepit part of Vancouver. A blatant eyesore.

A forward thinking idea was born. Our city forefathers and mothers planned to systematically transform the "Old Yaletown" into a thriving, densely populated modern urban community — within 20 to 30 years.

"The New Yaletown" now is a testament to excellence in urban planning. It is the second most densely populated neighbourhood in North America after New York City and its Burroughs. Yaletown is very densely packed with high-rise condominium towers, parks [every developer that wanted in had to set aside money for the creation and maintenance of the new green spaces], schools, markets, etc. An old worn out urban blight has been transformed. It is the reason why Vancouver is called "The City Of Glass" and the way I refer to her: "The Cinderella City".

IMHO, it is an amazing success story. City council at the time and still today were extremely strict with what would be allowed to be built in the "New Yaletown". The colour scheme of the majority of the skyscrapers are strictly controlled to "light blue to sea foam green" glass walled towers. Some find that to be a mundane cookie cutter approach. Not me.

The intent is to make the Vancouver skyline "in harmony" with the incredible natural surroundings it is located in. In other words, the glass and steel towers of Yaletown stand humbled by the Pacific Ocean and the majestic mountains to the North-West. And if you look at each tower, they are all incredibly well designed individually while respecting the city’s strict colour codes. From afar or the air, Vancouver’s skyline is amazingly tightly packed tall high-rise living scenes. Most of the new construction happened at the turn of the century and vastly funded and influenced by The Pacific Rim model. The "Asian Invasion", the way Vancouverites call it. I think that is a racist way of looking at it. Vancouver said: "Come and build here, you will make money beyond your wildest dreams and we will have a modern pedestrian urban community". The invitation was sent, and the Gold Rush ensued!

Thus Yaletown is what it is today.

It is physically located within Downtown Vancouver to the South East of the Financial District. It is absolutely spectacular for skyscraper lovers, like myself! You will read references to "Marinaside". This is a sub-neighbourhood of Yaletown.

To be fair, Yaletown does have an air of snobbism to it. Its reputation is of a high income trendy area — and the closer you get to the water, the richer it gets…. That was the trade off. I love it…. Many might be that "stereotype", but WOW they dress to the nines and know how to eat out well and LIVE!

Enjoy this series, which I took yesterday 🙂

Vancouver Canada
Image by doviende

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