On August 27, 2011, a large group of kpop lovers got together to perform a dance flashmob in Vancouver, Canada (Granville street) to songs from a Korean music company called SM Entertainment. We hope that SM will come here for a concert one day! For two months, we’ve been meeting up weekly to learn the dances and prepare for this flashmob. Thanks to everyone for making this possible! Please watch in HD for best quality. Share this video on facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc & show your friends! Song List: Hurricane Venus – BoA Bonamana – Super Junior Run Devil Run – SNSD Nu ABO – f(x) Replay – SHINee Gee – SNSD Hot Summer – f(x) Sorry Sorry – Super Junior Juliette – SHINee Eat You Up – BoA Mirotic – TVXQ Lucifer – SHINee Oh – SNSD Ring Ding Dong – SHINee Genie – SNSD Danger – f(x) Credit: Jazmin Latter – Organizer Kimberly T. – Organizer Nikki Hammond – Dance Teacher (& she made the cool dance formations) Holly Ho – Video Editor Camera Crew Participants & Supporters Cherry Bomb (store) WE LOVE SM TOWN!~ The “Making Of” video:
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. baubrey1001 says:

    Crap I’m? never in town when you do these flash mobs. I hope you do one in the fall or something then I could actually partake. 🙁

  2. KyeongMiofficial says:

    HERE is the kpop flashmob in russia 😀 BEST OF? ALL 😀 but you guys are also great 🙂


  3. KyeongMiofficial says:

    you must SEE? the flashmob in russia 😀 THATS AMAZING!

  4. Skawillu says:

    love the? flashmob!!! amazing!!

    Love Vancouver + Love Kpop = I Am Really Happy!
    creating from Mexico!

  5. gnasha911 says:

    Hey! I’m coming in Vancouver to study for 1 month! hope to meet? some Kpop fan 😀
    anyway, great Flashmob!! I’m a huge shawol too *_____*

    greatings from ITALY!

  6. Thaonae says:

    Hi, I can use the song they did for this flashmob.? because I? want to do one in my city and I loved your video. I live in mexico and I really like the kpop. =)

  7. Chii Sato says:

    why am i never told these things…. :|? i would have gone… dammit


    Hi guys, please like and promote the page ;? PLEASE INVITE PEOPLE

    planning a kpop flashmob in toronto

    thankss ~

  9. nohelythn says:

    The only thing that I said it was how it was possible that the most known? group of SM (They have more than 4 millions on facebook and their members have more followers in all korea) and the most succesful (They have broken many records, even they have been number 1 on taiwan for more 2 years,and have won many awards), only It have played 2 songs of them! I liked it the flashmob, but I didn’t like that, It’s like make a flashmob of pop, and not dance Michael Jackson. I don’t say to you anything..

  10. xoxoMADinLovexoxo says:

    stop being butthurt and go? make your own flashmob then ~ jeeze. you dont see the rest of us complaining

  11. nohelythn says:

    So this should be called “Shinee and Snsd Flashmob”, because there’re more songs of them? ~

  12. xoxoMADinLovexoxo says:

    but the organizer was ; as s[he] wrote; so the song choice is up? to them ~

  13. nohelythn says:

    And? not everyone is a fan of Shinee…

  14. xoxoMADinLovexoxo says:

    because not everyone? is a fan of your bias . . .

  15. nohelythn says:

    Just 2 songs? of Super Junior? How is possible!!

  16. 99luvBoA says:

    I love this so? much! You guys so sweet! I wish I were there^^ It’s gonna have SMT in Taiwan soon….I’m so nervous lol~~~~~~