Skull Skates Flatland Skimboarding

Skimboard Movie – Bonus Footage from the Skimboarding movie TIDE. X-dance Film Feastival 2008 Available for purchase at An amazing scenic look at Vancouver BC

NBA Superstar Metta World Peace stops by the CTV British Columbia studios to forecast the local Vancouver weather on our very own CTV News at 11:30 newscast!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 Responses to “Skull Skates Flatland Skimboarding”

  1. Andre Kolber says:

    Great video and nice? shot of the bald eagle!

  2. MegaSpongeboob says:

    how much do you guys? weigh?

  3. Buzz3023 says:

    trying for the? first time this weekend, super excited

  4. SGCJ1S says:

    Wood!! :)?

  5. drussellsprouts says:

    Ha,? I was just there today, love it!

  6. Armand235 says:

    What? kind of boards do you use? Plastic or wooden?

  7. TheEPICHEZ says:

    up in new england we? got some great places to skim board like this 😛 I’m taking my zap board up to maine tomorrow epic stuff there.

  8. 001GenLee says:


  9. bfilmsb says:

    An eagle just chilling there?? 3:08

  10. lizardmain9 says:

    vancouver british columbia in? canada

  11. jaredisyummynumba1 says:

    Holy shit were are you guys skiming??

  12. hyugs1 says:

    Heheh, I? live in vancouver!!!

  13. 3asMHfVW says:

    What size? should be a board if i have bout 230 lbs ? Wanna make my own but don’t know how long, how thick and so on … Could someone help me ?

  14. driaslow says:

    @makebank93: hotsteeze is? the shiz

  15. farmer759 says:

    man sick skim spot! damn i’m jealous the spots here are good but not? like that!

  16. ajejejejeLOLz says:

    whats d? title of d song? wicked

  17. MrGaRrEtT148 says:

    check out my new skimboarding video… tell? me what you guys think(:

  18. Krazyfoo420 says:

    is? it degrees or Celsius hahaha

  19. Theminecraftdung says:


  20. bookwormreader100 says:

    Good thing he knows the difference between American? and Canadian temperatures lolol

  21. bookwormreader100 says:

    To get from this island to this? island, just take a boat

  22. DietDrMario4 says:

    to get? from this island to this island, take a boat

  23. iFacTzZ says:

    haha tofu, i like? tofu xDD

  24. Trevizdabomb says:

    “Victoria, sounds like? she’s hot…..but she’s actually cold”

  25. LStrikeSH says:

    “It’s like 11 degrees? everywhere!”

    *Only the single place he points to is 11 degrees*

  26. NoviceCityTown2 says:

    He everyone! Check out the Footage of Metta? World Peace aka Ron Artest Balling in Vancouver with some locals!

  27. Moocow002 says:

    I would watch the weather channel more often if Metta World Peace did? it

  28. Moocow002 says:

    Whoa!? They are both weather names!

  29. Moocow002 says:


  30. TheOequilibrium says:

    Worst sourcefed ever. This story is like gambling; roll the dice and hope you’re right. Scientists, regardless of their field of study, can’t extrapolate their theories to the broader universe. Doing so shows how little we know about how life could be created. IMO human kind has not achieved what a civilization truly needs to be in order to survive at least 100 000 year. The fault, dear Brutus, is within our stars. And not realizing we are at the infancy? stage of what is civilization.

  31. 0nedozen says:

    and thats not an island. thats washington.? LOOL.

  32. KK1st says:

    @ThumbsUpHunter he was once an All-Star? and DPOY but fail description

  33. MrMacca24 says:

    wow,? im kinda embarrassed to be a lakers fan at the moment.

  34. TBlakeRaps says:

    *elbows green? screen*

  35. itsnotdarien says:

    even funnier with transcribed captions?