Sia – Titanium LIVE! (David Guetta)

Sia - Titanium LIVE! (David Guetta)

Sia performs Titanium Live in Vancouver, Canada, the new collaboration with David Guetta! Sia: the Australian born artist of free spirit, humorous personality and amazing vocals.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

14 Responses to “Sia – Titanium LIVE! (David Guetta)”

  1. UndergroundShutdown says:

    Everyone can be gay. Hell I’m gay, and there’s little to no doubt that you weren’t gay once in your life, because gay means happy. The correct term, is “homosexual” which is what Sia is. So learn some? facts, and learn to spell, and have a wonderful day 😀

  2. TalalSamQ8 says:

    I LOVE HER … <3?

  3. capino01 says:


  4. airportcreator says:

    a girl cant be gay its? caled lesbo

  5. Mikster7500 says:

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  6. emodefreako says:

    omg? love her voice. ?

  7. woriora says:

    Sia? = Prawn

  8. asarabiya says:

    i hope she can sings together? with david guetta live

  9. Tmoores95sucks says:

    When I first heard this song I? envisioned the hottest chick singing…….I was disappointed….

  10. Slimshady3minem says:

    Shes bi!? I thought….

  11. andrextlv says:


  12. darkkkman says:


  13. manorack says:

    nice funny ending?

  14. Angélica Fernandes says:

    when i hear this? song, i feel that i’m of titanium (: