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In this footage from the arena at the University of BC (UBC) in Vancouver, Canada, a victorious minor hockey coach (moving right to left) trips up an opposing player while the teams shake hands after the game. The 13-year-old suffered a broken wrist. Police are investigating. Read more about the incident here and here What do you think would be appropriate discipline for a minor hockey coach who does this? Join the conversation on our Facebook page: Follow The Province on Twitter: Follow Province Sports on twitter:
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18 Responses to “Shawnigan Lake Show and Shine Car Show 2012, Shawnigan Lake School, Vancouver Island”

  1. oaktree0247 says:

    The? appropriate discipline should be a personal apology, and he should be fired, and fined, and pay for the boys medical costs.

  2. Paffle1992 says:

    What? a dumb ass.

  3. JHoward393 says:

    Man? coach why you trippin? XD

  4. 91TheKW91 says:

    This happened? in Canada….

  5. sm0kd0g says:

    Suck my dick yankee

  6. bmebcool says:

    He should get that? leg cut off.

  7. Valderak Robloxian says:


  8. Valderak Robloxian says:

    He trips a kid, breaks his wrist, then points at? the kid like its the kids fault…. What was going through his head? *uh no I eon,better trip a kid who isn’t expecting this*

  9. proent says:

    good game good game good game suckacameldick good game good? game

  10. googiespage says:

    The kid score a goal or something and the? coach started yelling at him and continued the whole game. On the news they showed what happened after, the audience was taunting him and the kids on the winning team were throwing stuff at the audience.

  11. TheSeagulls4Ever says:

    dirty arab?

  12. Dikianify says:

    I wish? there was more 🙁

  13. cesar333 says:

    That coach is a cock. Hes probably mad because his dick is? too small to play hockey,

  14. coder49 says:

    Whoa whoa whoa WHOA, WHOA.?
    Don’t dis Metallica and Tenacious D.

  15. MrMacca24 says:

    that? coach is a dickhead

  16. lama49827 says:

    Death? to americaaaa

  17. sm0kd0g says:

    suck? my dick yankee

  18. jr jordan says:

    What a d!ck?