Shawn Brown Realtor SOLD: 507-168 E. Esplanade North Vancouver – $399900

MLS# V948917 – Beautiful suite at ‘ESPLANADE WEST AT THE PIER’. Large 1 bedroom plus sizeable den with partial water and city views. Lovely exposure with light throughout the day and gorgeous sunsets. Suite has been immaculately cared for by its firstowner. Excellent location in Lower Lonsdale. Protected view with what will soon be a park. 9′ ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, fireplace, forced air heat and AIR CONDITIONING – included in the maintenance fees. Building is immaculately cared for with a full time caretaker. Steps away from Shoppers, Marketplace IGA, transit, seabus, stores, restaurants, parks, cafe’s and the Lonsdale Quay. This suite should not be missed. Please visit for more info on this listing.
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This is a house just a few blocks outside of the boundary of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in the suburb of Burnaby. It has no windows, no exterior lights, no driveway, no people, nothing. About once a week the grass is cut and the high privacy bushes are groomed. No one is ever seen to be entering or leaving this house. It has been here over 40 years. It is not a sewage treatment, water storage, cell phone switch, water pumping station or general storage building. It is hidden in plain sight. CAN YOU GUESS OR SOLVE THE MYSTERY OF WHAT THIS HOUSE IS USED FOR??

11 Responses to “Shawn Brown Realtor SOLD: 507-168 E. Esplanade North Vancouver – $399900”

  1. xlplth says:

    Well, I know what it’s connected to, I’m assuming it’s for ventilation. Got any more? 🙂

  2. Linescrew1 says:

    YES!? I get that you know the answer. Congrads! You are the official winner, (Without stating the ACTUAL answer) But we will keep this posted for good fun. How about some conspiracy theories?? lol.

  3. xlplth says:

    Apparently I’m pretty good at research. I don’t want to give it away for others, but… Dawson st to? north van?

  4. titanzj says:

    dude haha ya got to tell? me lol .

  5. Linescrew1 says:

    You are very observant. And yes, the red? tubes are for electricity and it is used for pumping air. So close…and the house is used for?? lol.

  6. Linescrew1 says:

    I actually know what the house is used for. I am just seeing if others can figure it out. Oddly, most people who live near this house don’t even have a clue as to what it is used for. I’m just curious how long? it will take to guess correctly! lol

  7. titanzj says:

    the box it the back must be pumpin air or power in to the house and? if it goes under ground it prob for air .

  8. titanzj says:

    ok so i had a look again at the vid and in 2 or 3 parts i had seen somthing odd ,like at 57 sec red tubes going out from a box in the back to the houes .emmmm you? see them agian at 45 -46 sec .do you know what it is used for or are you just asking ??

  9. bluesharp59 says:

    Hint? Lol?

  10. Linescrew1 says:

    Oh, no way…I am gunna keep this one? riding along until the correct answer/answer is made!

  11. bluesharp59 says:

    Give us the answer ! It’s been ? four days ? You just keeping me in suspense ! Lol