Shaun White final run VANCOUVER 2010

Shaun White final run VANCOUVER 2010

Shaun White’s winning run @ olympic games 2010
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21 Responses to “Shaun White final run VANCOUVER 2010”

  1. cbr0oks says:


  2. erich1313sch says:

    back? to the times when he didnt used gay pants

  3. genosgirls says:

    Shaun White is? the MAN!!! He is my son’s IDOL!!!!!!!!

  4. Ben Hoerle says:

    i love shaun but during the next olympic games i’d love to see him? have an equal competitor.

  5. xloveXghoulx says:

    @eldudio Yeah I don’t like the chanting either. Haven’t seen that this year yet so hopefully it stays like that.?

  6. eldudio says:

    Oh there’s nothing wrong with waving your countries flag, whether it be traditionally, on your face or on your clothing, that’s just being patriotic. But chanting your countries name is aggressive and more for football? where there is ‘us vs them’ matches… I don’t think it’s very sporting in the Olympics.

  7. xloveXghoulx says:

    Lol I’ve seen GB with face painting and other countries as well. It’s the Olympics…you cheer for your country. And South Korea…I’ve seen them much worse but I don’t judge them. It’s just different culture. At American sporting events that’s how it is, most don’t see it as being arrogant, but? supportive. Some people are more brash than others, so I wouldn’t geeralize. =)

  8. EnglandShatOnGermany says:


  9. ilovetraveling7 says:

    sorry i don’t? get it but what do you have against americans?

  10. meKloredda says:

    this? reminds me off gum and justin bieber

  11. Robert Marks says:

    Haldor has some serious steez, but he’s just? so inconsistent

  12. APDallaround says:

    shaun white is a poor sport crybaby and will always be…. cut your hair douche bag? you look like a chick

  13. emjayxluv says:

    South koreas even worse with patrotism than the US from what ive seen… like at least no american will call you a ‘traitor’ or ‘a? person who would sell their mother country’ if you said anything bad about the place.. LOL.

  14. eldictator1 says:

    Dude is apparently going out wid Bar Rafael or whatever she’s called, you know that hot chick?

  15. Jackeeify says:

    it doesn’t matter if? he is a ginger och have long annoying hair.. he is god.

  16. Knuckles209cp says:

    too bad? he’s ginger

  17. TheTHCbaby says:

    competitionwise i would not say halldor is the best, you dont see him win too many big? contests, i cant think of one other than the big air, he just kills it on hand rails

  18. eldudio says:

    Americans wonder why other countries aren’t too fond of them – yet? you get people like that in the crowd chanting USA USA USA at an international sporting event – it .. a) Isn’t very sporting and b) is quite arrogant. Americans, if you do care what other countries think of you, just lay off the patriotism a bit and you’re a bit easier to handle. I personally, can’t stand anybody with a huge ego, let alone a country with one… 🙂

  19. barfusso says:

    too? bad he’s Ginger =D

  20. Wrathofbloop says:

    0:57 No,? wait ! keep the helmet, keep the helmet… !

  21. Mothman354 says:

    Is that an air hole i c face masks you idiot.?