Shane Koyczan performs his poem “Stop Signs” on Talent Time.

Watch full episode here: Paul Anthony’s TALENT TIME is a monthly live comedy/variety/chat show that is also a cable access TV program. It features the country’s greatest comedians sprinkled with fascinating local people and novelty acts. This excerpt was taking from our April Fools show shot on April 1st 2009. Here the amazing Shane Koyczan performs his poem “Stop Signs”. Info on all our guests as well as full episodes are available for free on our website: Please join our facebook group: ************************************************************************************ LIVE SHOW: the first Wednesday of every month @ the Biltmore Cabaret. NOVUS TV: 11pm & 1:30 am everyday Novus TV channel 4 in Vancouver, BC. SHAW TV: Mondays 1am / Tuesdays 5am / Fridays 4am & 10:30pm / Saturdays 1:30am. ************************************************************************************ Producers Kryshan Randel Paul Anthony Edited by Jimi Cuel. Shot by Trevor Carroll Braden Croft Mike Russell Patrick King David Warren Lighting Director Stephen Stubbs

16 Responses to “Shane Koyczan performs his poem “Stop Signs” on Talent Time.”

  1. povynoif009999 says:


  2. skate1710mj says:

    Omg these are my vows? to my wife I love you babe!!

  3. Toaderson109 says:

    I don’t? own a crowd.

  4. bibirdyj3 says:

    your that? crowd

  5. Toaderson109 says:

    Whoever this poem is for needs to go marry him… just sayin’. ?

  6. spareaxe says:

    I don’t know if his poetry would work with a more mature crowd instead of? his own age group.

  7. TheEmilyandkatey says:

    Just throw? it to your lips!

  8. TyZi187 says:

    neck beard?

  9. MrCerealKillerMan says:

    gave a like for the entertainment of the super chin jiggle xD
    the poem? was still beast btw.

  10. kimbersann08 says:

    freaken? LOVE it!! Epic!

  11. Thelordsosuke says:

    i dont know? whats wrose, that my girlfriend loves this or that my ex makes us hear it everytime she comes around

  12. Gummiibearisme says:

    I loved this! Made me? laugh so many times, and gave me hope for the continuation of the hopeless romantics on some or another level

  13. FleshOfTheCity says:

    I LOVE SHANE KOYCZAN! It? was worth the lame outro song. XD

  14. kaneisthebest123 says:

    wtf did i just? watch, the poem was epic though

  15. EdubbleRulez says:

    sketch? lol

  16. MrGreeny1345 says:

    Wings of redemption?