Shan E Punjab Girls @ Jashan 2012

This is Shan E Punjab Girls representing Vancouver British Columbia performing at Jashan 2012. They placed second at this competition. Jashan 2012 was held in Calgary Alberta at Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium on April 7 2012. Jashan Bhangra, A Symphony of Punjabi Spirit has quickly become known as one of the “top tier” level competitions in both the performing and attending aspects. Formore information about the show please visit – High Definition Bhangra Videos… Gabroo Tv, the #1 website in the world dedicated to true Bhangra promotion and preservation… Gabroo Tv has captured an endless amount of priceless memories relating to Punjabi Virsa in the United States, and throughout the world… The goal is to preserve these priceless moments for an endless array of coming generations, so they may be able to have a learning guide to help keep the culture alive…
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Joe Satriani: Crowd Chant (Live)

Super Colossal is a 2006 album by instrumental rock solo artist Joe Satriani. It is his eleventh studio album recorded at Studio 21. It was also recorded at Armoury Studios in Vancouver, Canada (drums, some guitar, crowd chant) Musicians: Joe Satriani – guitars, bass, keyboards Jeff Campitelli – percussion, drums Simon Phillips – drums Album: Super Colossal Label: Epic Genre: Intrumental Rock Recorded: 2005/2006 “Crowd Chant” was originally called “Party On The Enterprise”. “Party On The Enterprise” sampled sounds from the starship Enterprise from the Star Trek TV show. But, as Joe explained in the above podcast, legal issues couldn’t get resolved and he was not able to get permission to use the samples. Satriani then removed the sounds from the song and called it “Crowd Chant.” Video: Satriani Live! is a 2-disc live CD set of a concert performed by instrumental rock guitarist Joe Satriani on May 2, 2006, in Anaheim, California. It was released along with a 2-disc DVD set with the same title and of the same concert. Both items were released on October 31, 2006. “Satriani Live!” es un doble albun en vivo del guitarrista virtuoso Joe Satriani. (¿Apoco?) Disco 1 “Flying in a Blue Dream” – 8:38 “The Extremist” – 3:40 “Redshift Riders” – 4:46 “Cool #9” – 8:02 “A Cool New Way” – 10:00 “Satch Boogie” – 5:18 “Super Colossal” – 4:17 “Just Like Lightnin'” – 5:00 “Ice 9” – 4:28 “One Robot’s Dream” – 8:02 Disco 2 “Ten Words” – 3:35 “The Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing” – 7:36 “The
Video Rating: 4 / 5

39 Responses to “Shan E Punjab Girls @ Jashan 2012”

  1. linside100 says:

    Fantastic! It’s? obvious how long you have practiced. Very professional. I loved watching everyone,but especially Saira

  2. ashish84407 says:

    I will? name them bhangra angles. 🙂

  3. monasss says:

    Loved it ! Been a while since? I’ve seen a set like this.

  4. Mandeep Pahal says:

    the tall girl in pink killed it at idols and once again at jashan. never really like girl? dancers but i’m a fan now

  5. msblackberry80 says:

    2:25 was? pretty damn impressive

  6. irreplacableable says:

    Sona? by manni sandhu @ 4:0

  7. irreplacableable says:

    Hats off? to their basal ganglia..

  8. misskaur95 says:

    5:40 Adhi Holi Maar Dr.? Zeus 🙂

  9. ramrin says:


  10. loveisarunway says:

    nice vid 🙂
    it would be really helpful if you placed the? songs that you used in your description bar though 🙁

  11. MrRSD1992 says:


  12. goldymahi1993 says:

    thats why called taur punjaban di hi hai!!:P? awesome performance girls!

  13. SIKHJATTA says:

    usually girls suck at Bhangra, but these girl were AMAZING!!!!!

    Probably? the best girls bhangra team in North America

  14. KaranKPSR1 says:

    whts the? Mirza song at 6:53

  15. jattrisky28 says:

    Shan-e , girls deserved 1st place….awesome performance?

  16. CZRaS says:

    lol you have to masturbate sometimes, she is ugly whore, listen to music not watch to ugly girl between mass of? guys

  17. AsaHer0 says:

    I’M THE VIEWER? 99.001 😀

  18. lnep says:

    Joe Satriani is awsome!?

  19. davidapril16 says:

    underrated? very funny comment lol

  20. wingpoaf says:

    Who needs? lyrics??

  21. xshugox says:

    The crowd could of been? a little more chanty.

  22. Marshalstack17 says:

    Sick little tune. Genius.?

  23. fauzo86 says:

    this song sure nice to play live?

  24. 1220Bman says:

    i can? play 1:19 to 1:26

  25. 7331Nimajneb says:

    0:46…Tabs please!!? 😛

  26. 81cichy says:

    You are great person SATRIANI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

  27. 81cichy says:

    Yes… This girl is so tempting mmmm….;) SATCH317 Due to for insertion? thanks:)

  28. GregMagDrums says:

    Hey Joe,

    How about? checking out a hot new band from Boston
    Click on the link below

  29. adich0 says:

    WTF no? clapping @ 4:31, HOW DARE THEY…….

  30. elyasaf755 says:

    at the live in paris version the crowd is? much better! 🙂

  31. fernandomelodacosta says:

    damn joe satriani play just? one of the best too!

  32. alienw99 says:

    best song? EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. TheSLK66 says:

    Who said music? couldn’t unite people?

  34. TheNickGratton says:

    I learned this? song. My life is complete

  35. kpack18 says:

    they should replace? the dislike button with a jealous button

  36. lildougalld says:

    the 1 dislike must have? been the girls boyfriend xD

  37. djXinterventionXdj says:

    who? disliked? xD

  38. kenlovgren1 says:

    Joe is one of the greatest instrumental? rock gods and this one is kick ass!!!!

  39. TheFireball100 says:

    I wondered what this would sound like. …? awesome!