Shallow Waters Official Music Video Latest Version: 10 year old Ta’Kaiya Blaney & Aileen De La Cruz

Shallow Waters Official Music Video Latest Version: 10 year old Ta'Kaiya Blaney & Aileen De La Cruz

10 year old Ta’Kaiya Blaney is Sliammon First Nation from BC, Canada. Along with singing, songwriting, and acting, she is concerned about the environment, especially the preservation of marine and coastal wildlife. Shallow Waters was a semi-finalist in the 2010 David Suzuki Songwriting Contest, Playlist for the Planet. The song was recorded in studio by Audio Producer Joe Cruz. Footage from Vancouver, BC was filmed by Colter Ripley. Footage of the traditional ocean-going canoe from the Squamish Nation (Burrard Inlet, North Vancouver, BC) ; Ta’Kaiya in traditional cedar bark regalia (Tofino, BC); the Oil Refinery in Burrard Inlet; and the Vancouver Aquarium was filmed by Tina House. Additional footage contributed from Canada Greenpeace and Living Oceans Society. Lyrics on Drychum channel.
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23 Responses to “Shallow Waters Official Music Video Latest Version: 10 year old Ta’Kaiya Blaney & Aileen De La Cruz”

  1. AngryPunkPixie says:

    What a? gorgeous song! <3 Free the earth from this insanity!

  2. blaneyanne says:

    Thank you so much…the world needs all the help it can get…before it is? too late.

  3. mackadoodle45 says:

    I LOVE how you are helping the world in your singing! You have a? great voice that just speaks to me!

  4. HowlingCoyoteFilms says:

    In shallow waters, I can’t see
    Your clear waves lapping at my feet
    The lifeless ocean, black not? blue
    I didn’t help but deep down I knew

    In shallow waters I used to see
    Dolphins playing in front of me
    Seaweed swaying, keeping time
    Tidal rhythms laugh not cry
    Pre Chorus
    Oh/oh Why do tears fall from the sky?
    Oh/oh Have we given up, please tell me why?

  5. mimsmagz says:

    I am crying…..Child,you bring to me hope for the future.No greater gift could I ask for….thank? you….

  6. Astrostevo says:

    Great singing from a brave little girl. Well done and cheers for sharing this with? us all.

  7. lurchutube says:

    Wow, just a beautiful song and voice. Very touching and inspiring!?

  8. rymchu says:

    shallow water can ye see, a hundred people come to hear ye? sing; a billion stars shed their tears, because yer courage and kindness are so sweet…

  9. occupyHarper says:

    ?”Always remember that you have a voice,? don’t be afraid to speak up and speak up about what your passionate about and what you want? stopped, and remember that you have a gift share it.” – Ta’Kaiya Blaney

  10. blaneyanne says:

    Thank you, we just got back from the Ideacity conference where Ta’Kaiya spoke and sang 3 songs in front of a very large audience. She received a standing ovation? and many people afterward came and wanted to meet her…she is fast becoming a celebrity…but that has not gone to her head, she is just as concerned now if not more about stopping the Enbridge pipeline.

  11. vnomada says:

    I’ve tried several mails get them back. I’ve written through fb, warm greetings to the whole? community

  12. blaneyanne says:

    We are doing another video and we do not have any footage of impacts of development from Europe’s or perhaps the children…we have children sing the choses of Ta’Kaiya’s new songt. Your comment was a God send, thank you so much for comment to us. ?

  13. blaneyanne says:

    Thank you so much, we will do that.?

  14. vnomada says:

    Thankyou Ta’ Kaiya, Global Nomads productions Supports you 100% if you come to Holland or Europe, Please let us, know, We will back you up with cameras, and anything Creative in Film to Help the? Word to Spread. You have my heart greetings from the heart Vanessa Global Nomads Productions

  15. blaneyanne says:

    Thank? you

  16. 81aub says:

    awsome? song taka’iya

  17. guardiansofgrace says:

    Don’t worry Darling,No One Will Ever Drive? Care Away Again.

  18. blaneyanne says:

    We do need an earth revolution now…my new song Earth Revolution speaks to that need…it will be out on youtube and other media shortly.?

  19. Niimki says:

    I hope I? am around long enough to see the kind of leader you will surely become someday young one. As one who has earned the title of warrior, I would walk anywhere with you. Anytime. Chi Migwetch!

  20. fromtribeofgad says:

    great? job

  21. MyVideoStop says:

    Ta’Kaiya? sings about my kind? of British Columbia. The kind of British Columbia I want to live in.
    Christy Clark wants B.C. to move “from a culture of no to a culture of yes.”
    “And? I’m tired of hearing people say, ‘No, I don’t want that development. No, I don’t want those trees cut down. No, I don’t want that mine. No, I don’t want that well drilled.’
    “We need to move to yes. We need to move to yes as a? province. As citizens.”

    I, as a citizen of British Columbia, say “NO!”

  22. shazadkhan says:

    very nice?

  23. blaneyanne says:

    Thank you so much! We all must? do what we can to stop the corporations from stealing our First Nation lands.