SG-1 [bloopers] Stargate Command [best of]

SG-1 [bloopers] Stargate Command [best of]

After all they’re only human! Stargate SG-1 (often abbreviated as SG-1) is an United States-Canadian Emmy Award-nominated military science fiction television series and part of MGM’s Stargate franchise. The show, created by Brad Wright and Jonathan Glassner, is based on the 1994 feature film Stargate by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich. The television series was filmed in and around the city of Vancouver, British Columbia. Wright, Glassner and Robert C. Cooper served as show runners at different times of production. Showtime broadcast the first five seasons beginning in 1997 before the series moved to the Sci Fi Channel for its last five seasons. The final episode premiered on Sky1 in the United Kingdom on March 13, 2007, three months before its United States premiere. With 10 seasons and 214 episodes Stargate SG-1 surpassed The X-Files in 2007 as the longest-running North American science fiction series on television. The story of Stargate SG-1 begins one year after the events of the feature film. A network of ancient alien devices called Stargates connects the far reaches of several galaxies for near-instantaneous interstellar travel. Stargate SG-1 chronicles the adventures of SG-1, the flagship team of over two dozen teams from Earth who explore the galaxy and defend Earth against alien threats such as the Goa’uld, Replicators and later the Ori. The composition of the SG-1 team is stable in the show’s first five seasons but changes annually in the remaining seasons. The
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23 Responses to “SG-1 [bloopers] Stargate Command [best of]”

  1. Coollimes says:

    0:44 Richard? (Jack) still has a straight face haha XD

  2. TheShadowwolf88 says:

    Christopher Judge who has to play the? stoic Teal´c actually is a real funny guy!
    Imagine trying to keep a strait face(not to mention stoic) when EVERY fiber off yer being wants to just crack up and howl with laughter?

  3. TheShadowwolf88 says:

    0:20 Amanda Tapping got one off them cute laughs!?

  4. Bob Kerman says:


  5. thesnook94 says:

    06:02? Catapult powerbar 😀

  6. supertrain55 says:

    teal’cs scene is the? best^^

  7. WinxDragonLover says:

    “abort the mission, i broke ths ship!”? lol

  8. Erika Velazquez says:

    I? love the part they were talking about vaginas. That killed me.

  9. Afrothunderkat says:

    MAH names EARL!?

  10. TheNieffi says:

    I wish this was about the better seasons 1-4. But just? the last seasons. Sucks.

  11. Sarah Linsen says:

    I wish they never brought Vala and… whatever the guy Ben Browder plays name is into the? show, they pretty much ruined it completely changed the feel of the show they might as well have just stayed as their Farscape characters they acted exactly the same.

  12. TheZeRo44 says:

    Thanks! Thats a long story. Here is a shortened version:Wen i can’t find any movie for the night, i put some episode in the gom player, and watch before sleep. My girlfriend love the series too. We saw the series more than 20 times plus the favorite episodes much more.since 2005 I’m not an expert. I’m just a sci fi fan. But thanx for the Qalifying.? Greetings from Hungary

  13. laelamarie1 says:

    HAHA – I would DEFINITELY qualify you as the? world’s SG-1 expert!!! Thanks!!

  14. TheZeRo44 says:

    s10 e18. Jacek(valas’ father) have 2 tickets for a vagina monologe.He wants to invite Va’la. jacek evade.Teal’c have? the tickets.

  15. TheZeRo44 says:

    yes.its in the ? s10e06: 200. grell the robot say that words.

  16. CMDonovann says:

    Amanda Tapping’s laugh is SO CUTE.?

  17. gibbs63780 says:

    stargate sg1 is by far the best series out there, it’s always a great joy for me to watch this series again to rock my youth =)?

  18. Skogsraaet says:


  19. CaffeinatedSpencer says:

    OMG Richard Dean Anderson actually laughing!! <3?

  20. sirAthrus says:

    Anyone else? find it kinda weird to see Teal’c smiling and laughing?

    Also, Amanda = awesome actress.

  21. SuperTunadude says:

    R.I.P Don.S.Davis.?

  22. SergioSource says:

    I lost? it when Hammond said “You’re the wormhole” ROFLMAO

  23. fabianstraregy says:

    Stargate SG1is my all time favorite series. I thought that they might be having? fun and these bloops prove it beyond doubt.