SFU Pipe Band on Nodo-jiman (japanese karoke gameshow)

SFU Pipe Band on Nodo-jiman (japanese karoke gameshow)

SFU Pipe Band appears on Nodo-jiman (japanese karoke gameshow) in July 2003. Filmed live on location in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
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17 Responses to “SFU Pipe Band on Nodo-jiman (japanese karoke gameshow)”

  1. ondangerousground says:

    No, it’s not wrong. It’s just the old way to play high A. ?

  2. ondangerousground says:

    Nope, it’s just the old way of playing high A. Terry? Lee and a few other pipers in the SFU in its feeder organization (Robert Malcolm Memorial) play high A that way.

  3. SPARTANDUDE123 says:

    thats, just, so funny?

  4. SPARTANDUDE123 says:

    WRONG, its flatter than using ur ring finger on? the e hole.

  5. masaegu says:

    Not funny at all. Have you considerd the fact that 99% of this program’s viewers were? Japanese living in Japan?

  6. TheLeetPiper says:

    Btw, for everybody asking about the funny high A at the 1:45 mark. It’s the sort of high A we play in? Piobarieachd. No difference in sound, it’s just how we do it 😛

  7. TheLeetPiper says:

    interesting variation in the? second half of the tune!

    culture shock much?

  8. p3rdyp1nkr0ses says:

    I’m absolutely in love with the cultural diversity that is going on here. Japanese and Canadian Bagpipers? Talk? about a sharp difference! But how beautiful it is that two totally different cultures can come together like this! Thanks for uploading this video!

  9. LSBSPB says:

    lfunny interview with one of the top 3 pipe majors in the world. How is the sound made? lol wow?

  10. jdasilva5 says:

    i guess u didnt see the? woman standing right beside him translating everything for him… lol

  11. piperdude says:

    They film one episode each year outside of Japan and cities around the world compete for? the chance to host it!

  12. gopherdude says:

    If it’s a japanese show why is it being filmed in vancouver bc thats in canada??

  13. Rekatar says:

    Simon Fraber Unibersity pipa banda!!?

  14. piperdude says:

    The Blue Cloud… by Adam? Quinn.

  15. piperdude says:

    That’s the Nodo-jiman theme! and yes Reid is still? LD.

  16. piperdude says:

    That’s the theme for the show… Nodo-jiman!?

  17. Gillhoolee says:

    Great? Job!