Severn Cullis-Suzuki on Earth Summit 2012 – We Canada Champion

We Canada host, Zara Durrani, asked Severn few key questions about the upcoming Earth Summit 2012 and how can Canadians get involved. Host: Zara Durrani Director: Gabriel Forezli Champion Coordinator: Georgia Campbell Motion Graphics: Akash Verma Producer: Aleksandra Nasteska, Gabriel Forezli, Zara Durrani
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20 Responses to “Severn Cullis-Suzuki on Earth Summit 2012 – We Canada Champion”

  1. YvonneBun says:

    I bet it’s? made of pleather…I think it’s cool what she does..

  2. caljarvis says:

    tri this simple make millions of dollars a simple change in fishing get the lead of the fishing line steal berrings work? grat little steeps to clean water is a good step forward and good luck

  3. WhatTechShow says:

    Canada? is amazing.

  4. WhatTechShow says:

    I know lol, so funny… lol.?

  5. philipsmovies says:

    Severn Cullis Susuki. She’s named after a motorbike, laughable.She’s an actress, highly trained. As genuine as Angelina Jolie, Madonna or Lady? Ga Ga.

  6. philipsmovies says:

    20 years ago people were gullible to believe that a young woman could make a speech written by a spin doctor while paid large amounts of money. Now you listen to Severn and she sounds just like a politician.? Why would governments want to discuss their downfall and allow a process for radical change to happen? The answer is NO they fooled you.Events like RIO+Social? are just token events organised to promote materialism and sell a lie.Facebook Twitter Youtube are carefully controlled.

  7. alone22171 says:

    I’m also an advocate for this. I support Severn Suzuki, today & forevermore. Anyone may deny the fact that she really is telling the truth.If anyone denies her truth, that anyone is a disgrace. Everything she says is coming from her heart, not? just from her mind. She just proved that she cares, not just the environment but also YOU to realize the fact that we are destroying the Earth and there may be the worses thing that may happen or the very worse thing to come, nuclear or biological warfare.

  8. barnacules1 says:

    Is she wearing a leather jacket?

  9. fofie89 says:

    so? inspiring !

  10. Romeomustride says:

    big respect? from germany!!

  11. TheLumberjack1901 says:

    Why don´t you take that Fu…. back ground? noise away! Grow up! You don’t have to make things dynamic, the dynamic is within the MESSAGE!

  12. evenementueel says:

    are you familie ?
    Suzanne? Collins

  13. FastNslowww says:

    She’s all? grown up, good stuff…eh!?

  14. profmarciosoc says:

    “nós podemos construir uma? sociedade alinhada a outros valores” Severn Suzuki

  15. MovieTrailerClips says:

    Hi Severn Suzuki,
    I will? be 100% support you….! Singapore Prophet Jo.

  16. thestreetdreamteam says:


  17. CeeeeeQ says:

    You said something really relevant: we can build a society where our actions align? with our values. That’s the key. Unless sustainability is a core value, people won’t give a damn. Their values are elsewhere. So the key is that if we want society to change the people that make up that society have to learn and understand that this must be part of their core values system. THEN they will act with the same courage and energy you do. Because it IS clearly part of YOUR core value system. Blessings.

  18. MrKylan28 says:

    I’d rather say, we have to make a change !?

  19. kamalawhite says:

    In richer countries, we can limit our desire for ever growing materialistic comforts, find ways to manufacture? that do not harm the environment, whilst allowing the poorer countries to improve their lifestyles, and encouraging them towards an ecological concern

  20. KingStoneDragon says:

    I am inspired as i have just watched the video at the un long ago, was i under a rock when this happened, probably a stone…reading the comments here I am disappointed on the nitpicking and? not the positive…please continue to fight and speak out for what you do, there are too few of us that think this way…