Set Free – A Trail Running Film

Set Free - A Trail Running Film

Thanks to Mountain Equipment Co-Op, and everyone who voted for Set Free! We are thrilled and humbled to have received the First Place honors in the 2011 Sweet Spots Video Contest. Kristie Elliot is a trail runner. This is a short film about her love for the trails in British Columbia. She is currently testing her limits, training for the Leadville 100 Mile Trail Run in Colorado. Kristie is a Massage Therapist at Moveo Sports and Rehabilitation in North Vancouver. Filmed in Squamish, British Columbia, the documentary covers the challenges and passions that go hand in hand with trail running. © 2001 Andrew Doran Photography This film is copyrighted. however, limited use is available for re-publishing or embedding on your blog, or industry web magazine under the following conditions 1 – the location where the video is posted must include the copyright notice “© 2011” and there must be a link to published next to the video. 2 – This video may NOT be used on a website to promote a business or commercial endeavor. If you wish to do so, contact us for permission first. If in doubt, as us. We’re pretty nice. See more Video and Still Photography at http Techie stuff: Filmed with the Nikon D7000, and GoProHD cameras, and edited in Sony Vegas Pro 10 Aerial shots taken from a modified Gaui 330x Quadrocopter carrying a GoPro Hero HD
Video Rating: 4 / 5

17 Responses to “Set Free – A Trail Running Film”

  1. sportschmoll says:

    very nice!
    Thank you from Bavaria,? Germany

  2. Randy Kreill says:

    Inspirational video. Thanks! I run everywhere, but trails are best and the early morning sunrise runs let nature really shine/reflect. Good luck in Leadville.

    I put together a video that hopefully gets poeple thinking about running, improving diet, and moving as naturally as possible. Rehab and injury prevention ideas? as well… g+ rated “sh*t a barefoot vegan endurance runner says”

    I needed to drop from a 50M at 38 miles due to heat, etc. Looking for another cooler, smoother 50M “race”.

  3. artdeco79 says:

    jaki tam John, Janek. pozdrowienia z? Polski 😉

  4. Gregory Schier says:

    I would be a trail runner if there were any trails? near me.

  5. joachimvanhulle says:

    I hate running on streets but i absolutely love running in the? vast nature

  6. shakempj says:

    Great? !

  7. TheFabia2011 says:

    what is the? name music in video?
    czech republic

  8. sebastian3358spawn says:

    She is a runner for 16 years? but a Mcdonalds eater for 17 -_-

  9. crsohr says:

    Road running… Trail running… Can I ask why ANYONE would choose the? former! Someone needs to change running’s public image from the roads to the trails.

  10. antonio5873 says:

    espectacular two girls go go ? go

  11. dwhite00ify says:

    Please? check out my short film BAD ADVICE.

  12. bigmuscleify says:


  13. Andrew Doran says:

    got? the message, and replied, just resent the reply.

  14. doctorford says:

    Hey there, did? you get that e-mail?

  15. Andrew Doran says:

    doctorford – contact me directly? via email, search my name in google and you will find me!

  16. doctorford says:

    I’m in the process of recording a song with a running theme, I’d love to use parts of this in the video if you’d let me. I’ll give full credit (in the video) to? you of course and big you up when I’m promoting it. Let me know 🙂 Great video of course. Al.

  17. MachineUSA70 says:

    Awesome. Nice? video. Who needs TV when you have trail running on youtube.