Sensational Freestyle Progression – Rough Cut – Vancouver Swimming Lessons

Sensational Freestyle Progression - Rough Cut - Vancouver Swimming Lessons

Be sure to watch in 480p for best quality. If you enjoy this video, please click on the “Like” button! Here is a rough cut of our upcoming free online HD Sensational Freestyle practice videos. This video recaps the content of our Sensational Freestyle course. Please comment with what you would like to see and any questions about swimming freestyle. Visit for swimming lessons focused on first developing comfortable swimming experiences and reducing unnecessary exertion in front crawl Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. See our drills and demos page for more videos: See more about Sensational Freestyle Swimming Lessons at:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Fanny Kiefer, of ShawTV’s Studio 4, interviews Dr. Dawkins in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

40 Responses to “Sensational Freestyle Progression – Rough Cut – Vancouver Swimming Lessons”

  1. breezins says:

    TI ??

  2. freddieM143 says:

    simply beautiful demo and gr8 music…thank u for this vid!!!?

  3. rhea bruna says:

    wow this is one of the? best swimming lesson ive ever watched in youtube. thank you so much!!!

  4. BillHenry08 says:

    That is the best response from a? TI teacher I have ever encountered… Good Work.

  5. nikamoukt says:

    haha looks like a? swimming banana

  6. nikamoukt says:

    lmao 3:12 what is this guy? doing

  7. SeahikerVideo says:

    We truly believe you cannot trademark a physical movement. Pick up most swimming books and you’ll see variations on our “streamline” drill, namely “side glide,” “six kick glide” and so on. TI didn’t invent that kind of drill. We use it and we have perfected it in? certain ways for our coaching method, that’s all.

    TI has an excellent teaching system. But we take the approach that you need the right tools for each swimmer, not one size fits all. That being said, most swimmers have common needs!

  8. SeahikerVideo says:

    Coming soon!?

  9. SeahikerVideo says:

    Yep, we’re not trying to force anything on anyone. We don’t even call this Sensational Freestyle anymore, even, but the video seems helpful to people. (old video) We find? that these drills are common to a lot of swim coaching approaches and help a lot of beginner to intermediate swimmers relax and find their body awareness in the water.

    We’re fans of Swim Smooth as well, and they also have their own philosophies that are quite useful. And they are really nice guys….!

  10. SeahikerVideo says:

    Yes, if you visit our website, you’ll see that I used to be a TI coach. But, no, I cannot claim to offer TI instruction. And, this is just a video, our coaching approach? is much more varied and we tailor it to each individual. We have many happy clients.

    And I enjoy learning from other styles.

  11. ch4y says:

    maybe they afraid to use? the term because it’s trademarked? is it?

  12. cpimation666 says:

    Very good tutorial.It’s really helpful…No more? any strokes??

  13. BillHenry08 says:

    Swimming is never a one stroke fits all sport… look at the swimmer first, and then coach accordingly. what works for some people will not work for others. TI is a prime example of this,? and while it has been great for some people, for many it is not the most efficient way of swimming. Look at other teachings (Swim Smooth for example) as an example of not indoctrinating the use of a precise stroke: lots of record holders have ‘strange’ strokes, but go faster than most people can ever imagine!

  14. mithhiji says:

    Very useful tutorial…browsed so many videos… But this one shows everything? so precisely.

  15. medooutlaw says:

    ilike that treaning 2 teaching u how swimming?

  16. adlep says:

    This is Total Immersion stroke. The drills are straight out of the Terry’s seminars. Please do not forget? to acknowledge the TI. Your “Sensational Stroke” is actually a nicely applied TI swimming.

  17. vicparedes23 says:

    total immersion? swimming?

  18. mrtucanify says:

    that is really helpful?

  19. foxgeek says:

    awesome graceful swimming!!

    I’m currently self learning TI and this video is a great help. I noticed that one of the swimmers has the catch position at a much more horizontal level (3 o’clk) vs the other which is lower at around 4 o’clk. My current challenge at the moment is breathing… still trying to find the ultimate balance. I’ve made some great improvements but recently noticed some bobbing sensation when I turn my body… which may be? to do with my catch position? need to go lower…

  20. Zgrzytski says:

    Hi Lexoft,
    You mean 2,5km non stop is little or much? For me it is much, and? I am kind proud of it. But ones being at the pool and after swimming 1,5 km I wanted to join water polo training – and the guys there make 2 km crawl just to warm up! – so it is not so much…
    Best wishes, Bogdan

  21. Zgrzytski says:

    Thanks al lot for the detailed answers, Seahiker : )
    I went to Puglia, Italy and? spent 2 weeks there swimming in the see. 2 km every day in big waves – had big fun and have learnt a lot! The ocean is a great teacher: It has taught me just what you said: Breathe when you need, no dead spots, feet firm but not stiff – or you’ll get drowned / be turned around / get cramps. And also some other things (which are not adequate for swimming in the perfect conditions like in swimming pool).

  22. Godfred78 says:

    Is this woman a robot??

  23. yamammiwammi says:

    google? it, duh.

  24. itislupus08 says:

    you’re so right. I was raised christian and only recently escaped? from my faith. The biggest reason for faith must surely be being born into it

  25. SpencerBenedict2nd says:

    Dead-to-the-spirit deluded “God? Delusion” author & blithering fool scientist goon Richard Dawkins another “leader” given to the profane masses is another useful idiot for Jesuit machinations-C.O.

    Jesuitical: pertaining to the Jesuits or their principals; designing; cunning; deceitful; prevaricating

    The Jesuit Order completely altered the education system to suit their Evo-Hoax? agenda to discredit the Bible. They cant have a Satanic society of ‘Do as Thou Wilt’ if people still follow the Bible

  26. nandatebayo666 says:

    Love is in? the air.

  27. ekbowler says:

    both the interviewer and Brahmsfourth mentioned their “catechism” I have never heard of this, can someone please explain to me what it is??

  28. TheServiceWeb says:

    Topics: WINNING ARGUMENTS NOW ADDED For The Creationism-Evolutionism Debate (See Subchapter 10.2.2.), The Issue On The Criminal Liability Of Foretelling The END OF THE WORLD, Other Debated Issues, Terrorism, War, Law, Politics, Religion, Philosophy, Science, Others.
    See Figure 4, which is? THE MEANING OF THE PYRAMID, at
    See Announcements at

  29. sk8tafrnk says:

    If you want the? interview with Bill O’Reilly and Dawkins when you come back to this lady it will be the most engaging thing you’ve ever seen.

  30. sk8tafrnk says:

    Almost as far back as I can remember I was skeptical of religion. Like 7 or so. It wasn’t a conscious thought because I think one part of me just figured that maybe it was something I was too young to understand and when I was old it would make sense. The other part of me was just afraid of going to Hell.

    Luckily my parents didn’t really push the religion thing too much. My Mom says she’s a? Christian but she’s pretty much a deist in denial.

  31. Norwayflex89 says:

    I don’t mind the interviewer,? Keep him talking. And that is good? No?

  32. Youtasky says:

    Shit what dumb and? boring Interviewer

  33. scudder99 says:

    This woman is absolutely dreadful. ?

  34. R2rGangstaFC says:

    as long as you? believe without evidence you will eventually either stop questioning or drop faith. actually, believing without evidence is the basis of all prejudice

  35. hermanaki says:

    one? of the worst interviewers I have ever seen. completely flat. question after question.

  36. parapobabam says:

    he? doesnt hate it. why do you immediatelly say he hates it? he just think that people who believe it are idiots. and he is right. i agree with him (about all religions), but i dont hate either, i feel sorry for their retarded mental evolution.

  37. TheWayandWordofLife says:

    I wonder if Dawkins has such? hatred for religion, especially Christianity, BECAUSE he went to a Catholic church, in fact, I think it is the MAIN reason for his complete intolerance

  38. TheWayandWordofLife says:

    MANY churches ENCOURAGE children to question anything they want to.? I think that he believes ALL Christian denominations are just the same as Catholicism. THEY ARE NOT the same at ALL! No other other Christian denomination have Priests, nuns, confession, catechism, etc. CATHOLICISM is a very ritualistic, serious- minded, rigid faith. Which unfortunately, by being so rigid, and structured- DOES cause many believers to feel oppressed, and seriously lack a DEEPLY PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with God,

  39. ExEverest10 says:

    @natzeeejesus Yes I find the idea of fairies ridiculous. If I thought it was a valuable expenditure of my time to analyze them, however, I would? seek out popular and highly-regarded publications detailing their existence, regardless of my preconcieved notions. To say otherwise, while commiting to what you would call a ‘fair’ judgement, is to claim omniscience/infallibility in that particular field.

  40. ExEverest10 says:

    @natzeeejesus To say otherwise is to declare your emotional (or other) bias as something either acceptable, or to be proud of; something shunned in scientific circles, imo with good reason and? concern.