Sector 9 – A Week In Canada 2012

Sector 9 - A Week In Canada 2012

Danger Bay, Jake’s Rash, Britannia Classic, and everything in between. Jeff Budro and the grom squad charged it in Canada and came away with two first place finishes! Ya boys! Chance Gaul: 1st Place – Danger Bay Slide Comp Jeff Budro: 1st Place – Britannia Classic (Masters)

22 Responses to “Sector 9 – A Week In Canada 2012”

  1. BDHskate says:

    You’re edits? inspire me sir. keep it up

  2. Alec Hansen says:

    Up? he was sliding with butter balls

  3. Shayan Akhtari says:


  4. Jonathan Savastano says:

    Did you? even watch the video?

  5. Googoo123450 says:

    He meant kook.? It’s an expression.

  6. Jonathan Savastano says:

    did you even watch the? video?

  7. Snarky48 says:

    Anyone know what kind of pole they?? were using for their GoPro? At 1:38?

  8. Zack Johnson says:

    A? name would be nice thanks

  9. Zack Johnson says:

    Who was the? nice fellow with the teeth painted on his visor

  10. MrKalilwincher says:

    Then why are you watching this video good sir? Just chill and? enjoy the rush 🙂

  11. diego velis says:

    1.15? ninja!!!

  12. anguslbd says:

    spent a week in canada only to make a? video 4 minutes long

  13. b1rippin says:

    oh god i just started longboarding and this looks soo fun i sence much road rash in my near future=D?

  14. Aviel Hod says:

    sector 9 doesnt suck, its just that a lot of their boards are targeted towards people who just wanna cruise around. their downhill decks kick? ass along with their wheels. get your shit straight.

  15. AchinForBacon says:

    Kook = Poser ?

  16. GF3R says:

    i hope you? are making a joke^^ caus i think you ment cock not kook xD

  17. 13002066 says:

    The Sector 9 guys are awesome! Met many of them at COP? in Calgary IGSA — Jeff Budro is super cool!

  18. sparda4glol says:

    its amazing how? much sector 9 sucks

  19. Alex Young says:

    Lol my friend chad has chances board that he uses in this vid 😛 (like literally his board)?

  20. Algy Walter-Tynan says:

    Yes, because butterballs are extremely buttery wheels (as the name suggests). Butterballs are some of? the best slide wheels.

  21. McMaxster says:

    They’re sliding with butterballs because it works really well with the sector 9 boards. The formula has also gotten better.?

  22. dan waterhouse says:

    buy it from switchback?