SDK #400 GOTC outside KOTD in Vancouver March 5th part 2

GOTC TV is live outside Fortune Sound Club on the streets of East Vancouver for the March 5th KOTD battle. Stay tuned more exclusive interviews inside the event.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

British Columbia is a land of amazing diversity – there’s an almost endless variety of places to see and things to do. Take in BC’s breathtaking scenery, exciting cities and resorts including Vancouver, Victoria and Whistler. Experience our activities, from skiing, golf and fishing to whale watching, wine tasting and dining. For more info, visit:
Video Rating: 4 / 5

31 Responses to “SDK #400 GOTC outside KOTD in Vancouver March 5th part 2”

  1. justin matix says:

    i wanna be a bus? driver!!! 😀

  2. Whistlermtb2006 says:

    How? many stompdown youtube channels are there? I’ve seen STOMPDOWNKILLAZ stompdownkillaz stompdown stompdownwinfail, and all with 300+ videos.

  3. Altramegacoolguy says:

    craver got trolled? at the end hahahahah

  4. nando89l says:

    Winston G had thee best answer? about the activitys You do when you GOTC (get off ya lazy farting asshole”

  5. nando89l says:

    is it 0nly me? because i always come back to watch? this! no matter how old it gets

  6. nando89l says:

    Winston..controlling his? woman to hold up!

  7. nando89l says:

    Craver just knows how to break down the definition of GOTC TV to an old asian guy named Winston G!?

  8. nando89l says:

    like spiderman? Like that yea ch? ch like that

  9. nando89l says:

    Joe Sakik’s cousin? in the flesh

  10. nando89l says:

    he’s an east? van asian raisin, howcome Craver didn’t point that out?

  11. tomp2008 says:

    get off the couch and smoke? it!!

  12. MrTobeannounced says:

    youu ride the? bus .. yeahhh you wanna be a busdriver AHAHAAA JOKESS

  13. ProAmant666 says:

    its keep6? ?

  14. smashtsem666 says:

    winstons? awesome!..

  15. thepupils209 says:

    There are? NO contracts @ the moment.

    Craver makes my face hurt.

  16. creator1graffiti says:

    i love crack heads? 2:53

  17. nando89l says:

    I dont answer that sorry.

    “you don’t ask dance? SOLID?!?”

  18. TolangJenny says:

    Thanks God? for creating Canada!!!

  19. demonkitti27 says:

    I moved out east to Toronto a year ago. Videos like these always make me so homesick.

    West? coast is the best coast.

  20. terencetake2 says:

    temporarily placed in Australia for a year and a bit…
    moved from Richmond 2 weeks? ago and I already miss my province so much!

  21. BCGrizzG says:

    My Dopes Dope -? GrizzG

  22. NeckstTV says:

    watch my my my my my my my my my my my movies.

  23. PTSChannel says:

    nice video! But why wasn’t a British Columbia artist used for the music? Local talent should? be promoted and supported through projects like this one.

  24. BCBrandBuilders says:

    Please don’t move the mountain!
    It’s perfect as it is.
    Come to BC and see for yourself? … if you want to.

  25. Constantin Gabor says:

    awesome video?

  26. PabloTheSnowman says:

    If that’s what we will, that’s where we? will go, my love.

  27. theatregyrl93 says:

    My boyfriend keeps saying that after college? we should move to BC. I’ve liked the idea the whole time, now I really want to go there. It is so beautiful.

  28. waytomuchsparetime says:

    Well whats stopping you? Come? and live a wonderful life.

  29. Anaso96 says:


  30. Wester Still says:

    i love my Vancity! BC is the best place on Earth, as Gordon Campbell? says! I’m from Ontario and I would never consider moving back east..

  31. JesseCisaroski94 says:

    Im so happy I live? in British Columbia!!