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Wherever you end up, Luongo, you will always be the best Vancouver Canucks goalie of history. Roberto Luongo Tribute 2: Vancouver Canucks – Roberto Luongo Tribute in HD. Music: I’m Coming Home by Diddy – Dirty Money DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these videos or music. * Tim Thomas drills Henrik Sedin 6/6/11 1080p HD Nathan Horton cheapshotted by Aaron Rome w/SlowMo full uncut 6/6/11 1080p HD Tim Thomas save of the year on Downie 5/23/11 1080p HD Tyler Seguin scores 2 goals, 2 assists in 2nd playoff game 5/17/11 Tyler Seguin scores his 1st playoff goal 5/14/11 1080p HD histroy will be made history will be made Zdeno Chara hits Max Pacioretty Mar 8, 2011 Zdeno Chara Hits Max Pacioretty (March 8 2011) TSN Panel – Chara Hit on Pacioretty – March 9th 2011 (HD) Zdeno Chara hit on Max Pacioretty (NHL, Boston Bruins [1] at Montreal Canadiens [4]) – 08/03/2011 Carey Price vs Tim Thomas Feb 9, 2011 Habs/Bruins Brawl – Carey Price vs Tim Thomas (February 9 2011) Rick DiPietro vs Brent Johnson Feb 2, 2011 (February 2 2011) Bobby Ryan’s Amazing Goal Vs Nashville Predators – 04/22/2011 Bobby Ryan scores an amazing goal! What a deke! (Available in 720p) NHL Playoffs – Bobby Ryan Amazing Goal (April 22 2011) Thomas Vanek spectacular OT winner 11/13/10 Thomas Vanek Incredible Overtime Winner vs. Capitals 11/13/10 Edmonton Oiler Jordan Eberle’s 1st NHL Goal Vs. Flames Alexander Burmistrov highlight goal 11/19/10 Drew Doughty’s Huge Hit On Taylor Hall (January 15 2011) (HD
Video Rating: 5 / 5

35 Responses to “SDK #237 – ALDERGROVE BC CANADA – Keep Six – BONE THUGS N HARMONY – Graffiti”

  1. killer4433 says:

    Noooo!, my peices get buffed within days down? here. Stick to trains.

  2. nachthekiller says:


  3. IAmMissMarijuana says:

    hahaha ALDERGROVE WHAT!?

  4. masterbate23 says:

    lets go? to canada!!

  5. TheGrimeekid says:

    Sick? song

  6. xXToXyGenXx says:

    Gotta? make that money mane…


    Are? this piece still there? 🙂

  8. f1ac00 says:

    R.I.P EASY-E…..?

  9. dellbly says:

    tuff? song to go with a tuff tag

  10. shanedude93 says:

    he is explaining why there is no pieces in the park… they get buffed because its illegal=reason why no other pieces besides this one in? the park.

  11. negerN1337 says:

    since when did you guys care? about the law

  12. k0n2r says:

    Why there are no pieces except this one??

  13. Stompdown says:

    its illegal? to paint skate parks here

  14. k0n2r says:

    Why there are? no pieces except this one?

  15. snowrs100 says:


  16. snowrs100 says:


  17. 1904geckos says:

    were do they? have chapters at?

  18. darkgraff17 says:

    this is the best peice? ive seen by keep…

  19. magosael says:

    nice? !!

  20. zeroc3001 says:

    lol at 1st i was? like wtf they are shit but yea that was good for hes age he keep that up i bet he could go pro

  21. Mbusch11 says:

    don’t worry vancover toronto will carry on? luuuuuuluuuu

  22. Housebeats101 says:

    whenever Roberto returns to Vancouver with? the away team, i will shout out LUUU till my lungs give out…..

  23. drillinGP says:

    When Loo gets moved there will forever? be a hole in the canucks. Wherever he lands he will have an instant fan!

  24. illestFlavor says:

    Luongo savedthe canucks so many times. Doesn’t? get the credit he deserves.

  25. dragonfoot21 says:


  26. havoc3890 says:

    lol at this point I would just be happy with the playoffs….. it would be great if burke? can get rid of phaneuf and connolly for loungo

  27. iPodtouchkid2011 says:

    Then They Will Have A Chance At The Cup?

  28. havoc3890 says:

    I? hope hes a leaf next season

  29. nuddymud says:

    Haters gonna hate!? goooo LOULOULOU!!!!!!!!!

  30. BCGrizzG says:

    check it: ” Today’s The Day – Coast Kids (Official Video) 1080p? “

  31. nuddymud says:

    he only let in 3 the other 1 was an empty? net

  32. karol02359 says:

    maybe if he was good he wouldn’t have let in 4? goals at home in game seven GO BRUINS

  33. tehredhatkid says:

    are you joking? that is a pretty funny joke, you are a funny guy! whew that is the best? thing i’ve heard in a long time! Wow thank you, i needed a good laugh

  34. mrpilot102 says:

    Best goalie in the league? haha you people are delusional. ? Best hahaha hahaa.

  35. emmanuel94e says:

    his home is in? Vancouver!!!!!!!