Samsung Store Opening, Metro Vancouver

Samsung Store Opening, Metro Vancouver

Samsung is opening its first retail store in Canada in Burnaby’s Metropolis in Metrotown mall in suburban Vancouver. Nelson Lemos, Samsung’s director of channel sales gives us a preview.
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24 Responses to “Samsung Store Opening, Metro Vancouver”

  1. c11121987 says:

    Whoever say samsung shirt color copied apple’s is an ass. Why didn’t? you say apple copied Bestbuy in the first place. Bestbuy staffs wear that color code way before Apple did.

  2. Aleects says:

    even? the same color shirt…

  3. Grafixmania says:

    the best? samsung store

  4. pat leong says:

    !i was there? last night !!!!!

  5. dmatic68 says:

    Samsung? store is ok. I want an Android Store. That would be really KOOOOL

  6. 0x00FE says:

    It is no way near an Apple store!
    Apple store has 1 phone, 1 tablet, 2 laptops/desktops & bunch of mp3 players.
    This store would have many phones, many tablets, many laptops, TVs, Bluray? players…etc maybe washing machines & fridges too! Who knows.
    So where is exactly the similarity? xD

  7. Wheily says:


  8. AdamKyGl says:

    When is? one coming to Calgary!!!!

  9. FunkyKong19 says:

    SAMSUNG is pretty close to apple even though apple is there also please make one in toronto or? mississauga

  10. rakrakryojin says:

    Samsung? is a shameless copy company.

  11. canucktunes says:

    I’m not into brand loyalty so the alleged similarities to another chain are irrelevant to me.

    I want the best deal? for products with features I want. I’m not going to pay more for a logo.

  12. Dorkaluna says:

    No apple sucks? Samsung keeps it really.

  13. alexmrbvlogs says:


  14. dehumanizer21 says:

    Apple >? Samsung for cell phones
    Samsung > all for TV’s

  15. aileenk3 says:


  16. N10J1 says:

    when r u going to open a samsung store in? Toronto Ontario?

  17. Tanya Fuller says:


  18. Akatzuki004 says:

    anyone else noticed that even the t shirt color of the employee’s there is? the same as apples?^^

  19. mrobison87 says:

    Love it or hate it….its a cut throat business …I don’t think it matters weather Samsung copied apple …Samsungs new phone ( galaxy s3 ) which I have ) is nothing like apple’s iPhone ….as far as I’m concerned the new smart phone from Samsung blows Apples design to pieces …. having its strengths and triumphing over its weaknessess(Apple’s utter boring operating system ) …I know six apple users? who want to trade their iPhone for the galaxy s3

  20. boomish69 says:

    I’ll never buy? Samsung again! Cheap copycats, plastic phone plastic company..

  21. patsow says:

    Don’t attack apple, other strive to be as? good

  22. patsow says:

    Looks super? I want everything

  23. gaborsama says:

    How? far can Samsung’s blatant rip off go??

  24. ellafei says:

    a lot of angry Apple nutbar commenting. this? what Apple made a monkey out of people. how pathetic. lol