Salsa & Agave Mexican Grill

Salsa & Agave Mexican Grill Reviews

1205 Pacific Boulevard
Average Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (114 Reviews)

Review by Cathy S.
Now I know where to get Mexican food if I ever develop an ulcer.

My husband and I had a hankering for a burrito and despite knowing better we went to a…
Rating: 3

Review by Nikki C.
Great location.
Pacific Boulevard before Davie st close to the seawall.
The chips and salsa are always fresh.

But again…
Nothing WHAMMY about this…
Rating: 3

Review by Sam B.
Pretty good! We ordered the nachos for an appetizer and they were mediocre. We were seated on the patio and it was chilly out so the cheese dried very…
Rating: 4