Said The Whale – Curse of the Currents

Said The Whale - Curse of the Currents

Shot in English Bay in Vancouver BC from the starboard side of a tugboat. Shot and edited by Jordan Gray. Tugboat captained by Simon Bancroft. Special thanks to Magali Marchand, Matt Clarke, Mark Ferns and Carrie Lowther.
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16 Responses to “Said The Whale – Curse of the Currents”

  1. JMerc07 says:

    Were you at? the Victoria show?

  2. Yeah9870 says:

    It was amazing!?

  3. JMerc07 says:

    Final song of their encore last night. It? was soo good

  4. JAMxSkalla16 says:

    ya no doubt?

  5. PvtChoi16 says:

    as a matter of fact? I will……

  6. JAMxSkalla16 says:

    im form the east cost! ive got? maritime canadian blood !!

  7. JAMxSkalla16 says:

    ive got such? an amazing scene in my head when i listen to this song, would LOVE to make it into a short someday. have the entire music video mapped out in my head, just need it to come to life. this song is amazing!!

  8. Carterissocoollike56 says:

    Every time I listen…. I bawl. :c
    But I love it so much!
    And the Georgia Straight is like a ten minute walk? away from my Nana… o-o

  9. TheYorker18 says:

    yes… just? yes

  10. TheDumbDeer says:

    no NO! Dogs don’t drown, I refuse to believe you. Nothing bad like that ever happens? to dogs!

  11. jaceesprinkles says:

    proud? to be from vancouver <3

  12. jordanst1234 says:

    This song is? about his dog that drown. Sad and beautiful.

  13. IncinerationNation says:

    how is that? Canadian?

  14. sexypants43 says:

    has anyone else noticed there are bears and? an alligator in the other boats? XD

  15. PvtChoi16 says:

    CANADA,? EH!!!!?

  16. LiamsayWHAT says:

    DEURP. Didn’t see the comment time? stamp. Six months ago -_-