Rocky Mountain Altitude RSL

Strahan Loken takes the new Rocky Mountain Altitude 90 RSL for a rip on his local trails in and around Victoria BC. Filmed and edited by Aaron Laroque.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “Rocky Mountain Altitude RSL”

  1. blizzardrmb says:


  2. MrSnakehad says:



    yeh its prrty nice? here in bc

  4. benbrod30 says:

    its true im from canada i live in quebec and we have a great place to to mtb.its a dream its go to whisler at? british colombia,its a seven sky.

  5. rohancesc says:

    Song > “? In-Flight Safety – Surround ” . Enjoy 🙂

  6. RobaczekBaczek says:

    I really love movies wich show somebody with his? passion.
    In my opinion North America is a paradise for road and mtb cycling ; )
    I wish I were there… ; )

  7. MrEpic794 says:

    I live? in Canada!!

  8. rtbhgetynrm says:

    now i want to eat fish…

  9. B1k3rDrop1n says:

    I want to be there right? now! 🙂

  10. 32blackace says:

    MTB an? fishing cool awese video

  11. mikemilne501820 says:

    Yup. This sums it? up…

  12. trogdore978 says:

    is the fishing palce do you start? at goldstreme park?

  13. anrchycutlery says:

    Thats a awesome video I hope to make some memories? like that with my bike one day. INSPIRATIONAL!!

  14. Mountainrider67 says:

    What a great vid! Good trail, awesome scenery and some relaxing? fishing…

  15. jucatollabur says:

    Esse video? mostra porque gostamos de pedalar!

  16. mtbrider256 says:

    Aaron? Laroque is the best!