RMR: Rick at the Vancouver International Airport

RMR: Rick at the Vancouver International Airport

Rick checks out the inner workings at YVR as they prepare to welcome the world.
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The first aquaponics system at VIU. This unit was built by Fisheries & Aquaculture Technnology Diploma student, Julie V., based on barrel-ponics designed by Travis W Hughey www.fastonline.org Nile tilapia (from Redfish Ranch – www.redfishranch.com are cultured with various edible plants including tomatoes, basil, lettuce, dill, green beans, cucumbers, and broccoli. Super cool!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

37 Responses to “RMR: Rick at the Vancouver International Airport”

  1. noahrp24 says:

    Hey Rick, That Air Canada Embraer? 190 on the runway is not on fire so don’t blow out its’s windows

  2. LivesForJihad says:

    Don? Cherry is better…

  3. canadianlolypop says:

    The? firefighter sure loves the word ‘Yes’

  4. TCHC83 says:

    2 bangers and 2 screamers lol?

  5. sgtcrab1 says:

    Throwing rocks at birds! Leave? no tern unstoned!

  6. iStig says:

    “If you have two screamers and two? bangers…”

    … you’re probably in a porn film.

  7. mrdcfan1996 says:

    rick is like? a kid

  8. kloppanator says:

    I may know the person who used to own that? bullet belt…

  9. RickySouthwell says:

    @lauar21 He also has one of the koolest? jobs ever lol

  10. PunkRockerJ7 says:


  11. TheRimDoctor says:

    Unfortunately for your views, until he actually publicly revealed this, you would never have known he was gay. What a terrible loophole that sexual orientation doesn’t dictate the? way someone’s personality is.

  12. TMNTPIZZA says:

    @EldestSauce go die in a? hole

  13. kells115 says:

    @EldestSauce that is a terrible and ignorant thing to say, I suggest you rethink it. Also that is a personal thing, what is his sexual orientation to you? And also, if by “be nothing” he should not exist, Where would canada be? without our Rick Mercer? I MUCH rather he be Rick Mercer as we know him – or any other way, it doesnt matter – than “be nothing”.

  14. hydebleach says:

    I’d love if Rick picked up my suitcase? and signed it and put it back

  15. CanadianStereotype says:

    Is this? because you’re a douche?

  16. americafrickyeah says:


  17. LudicrousPlatypus says:


  18. CessnaPilot1B9 says:

    6 people? named Gail didn’t get their bags…

  19. EldestSauce says:

    too bad he is gay. I would? rather he be nothing

  20. xtremeham says:

    How do you prevent all the duckweed from being sucked? down the pipe?

  21. satinhooks says:

    it would be great if more people disconnected from. the quality of the food industry would increase.?

  22. elvieken says:

    Yes the amonia is turned into nitrites and? nitrates which the plants use. It will take up to six weeks or so from the start of running the system for the system to balance and be able to break down the amonia completely.

  23. elvieken says:


    The? copper will kill the fish, it is poison to them.

  24. greenfish13 says:

    I have heard every? explanation of what aquaponics is. This has been the best explanation so far, well done!

  25. jmurray1106 says:

    Sweet video? very interesting and educational!!! Do know where i could find plans for how to build one of these systems

  26. TZMSocialEvolution says:

    Awesome! Now get a 1 acre footprint and fill it with a 15 story building that is solar/wind/fuel cell powered, completely automated with computers, atmospheric controls and robotics and you’d have a robust food production facility with little need for human labor. Turn it on and let it run…food? for thousands.

    Also, mix this with the Omega Garden system and you have something special. 🙂 Good work!

  27. helliussurla says:

    Watch “Food Incorporated”. You’ll learn? about the workings of the “food grid”.

  28. Alacritous says:

    If you can become independent of the economy, then who cares?
    This dependence on other people is what got us into the mess the world is in now. I’m all for it. ?

  29. gaggelou says:

    I plan to deploy Aquaponics on my indoor fish farm as? a means to filter out ammonia from the fish water. I deploy big fish tanks of 40 m3 water each. I need to calculate the optimum plant population as well as hydroton (or any grow bed fill) quantity needed to achieve perfect filtering of such water quantity. Is there a proven analogy (i.e., plant population and/or hydroton quantity to fish water quantity) that ensures a well-balanced nitrogen cycle? Your assistance would be invaluable.

  30. DonBrazo says:


  31. Dinhking says:

    thanks for this? video, i think it is great video

  32. pippaknuckle says:

    How does the bottle empty enough to get light enough for the valve? to completely close again?

  33. juggalomushroom says:

    on the contriare my friend, I think it would be excellent. Just imagine for a second, how much freedom you would have because you wouldn’t need to worry as much about food, and that’s just the beginning. Now what if people stopped to think and this ran through? their minds “well if we can make food by ourselves this easy, why can’t we have energy this easy?” How lovely would it be, they also needn’t worry about energy, that would be the TRUE American dream right there.

  34. BrockRhodes says:

    there are many many more things in our economy that are not food today than back before the industrial era, when most people had a kitchen garden, chickens, and a dairy goat to supply almost all their needs for food, other than flour and sugar..that was? before the first great depression, and things were fine. there will always be people who want to buy food produced for them, and now agriculture is in a miserable state that can only small-scale sustainable farming can fix.

  35. Aaronator01 says:

    My only concern is the effect this would have on the economy… if everyone were to disconnect from the food grid it would be a… I? don’t even know, but it would not be good!

  36. Aaronator01 says:

    A perfect system would need to be 100% off the grid. Part grows food for the fish like alge and duckweed, another part grows the produce, yet another part houses the fish. Solar power or otherwise should be used. Maybe a shallow growing bed for the fish? food; still, shallow, oxygen rich water bathed in Sunlight will produce copious ammounts of fish-food. And you should use more tasty fish! like bass or catfish! MMMmmm… You’ll cure world hungar! -or atleast mine. lol

  37. ketammerah1 says:

    love it….?