Rick Rypien Tribute Video – Vancouver Canucks

Rick Rypien Tribute Video - Vancouver Canucks

The tribute video for former Vancouver Canuck Rick Rypien. All rights belong to Canucks Sports and Entertainment and the NHL. Posted to remember Rick Rypien.

24 Responses to “Rick Rypien Tribute Video – Vancouver Canucks”

  1. MrJuu5 says:

    No tribute video has ever touched me as much as this one..
    unfortunately I never got the honor to see him play 🙁
    (because I live in? Iceland and couldn’t afford it to buy flight and game tickets)
    R.I.P Rypper :'(

  2. ecartman0123123 says:

    the people who disliked this were probably the fans that? got attacked in minnesota

  3. GKEV604 says:

    @hallowlibra chris Neil?

  4. escape2mountains says:

    As Rick’s cousin, thank you for this. He was a great person, on or off the ice. I miss my fishing buddy. Wish you could have seen him as an 8 year old, insanely energetic person. He was an incredibe & will be forever missed. R37R. A part of me is now gone,? thank you for the memories…….see you one day


    Every time I step onto that ice I think of? my hero , Rick Rypien ! r,i.p big guy , see you up there one day! <3

  6. hallowlibra says:

    Which fight was the one where he? saluted the crowd afterward?

  7. SteelAegis says:

    Superman by Five for? Fighting

  8. SJSharksFSU15 says:

    Cunucks fans can suck it! but this kid was special hes the only true hockey player on that team! And? he went down as a Jet what he always wanted to be as a kid!

  9. Faeiv says:

    I cried. R.i.p Rypien! Always and forever a Canuck. The tragedies the Canucks have gone through have? brought canuck nation even closer and rypien, demitra, bourdon, you will always be in our hearts. Bringing the cup to vancouver is what we are aiming for and every step we take is for you! R.i.p boys, you are greatly missed.

  10. mariostrikers2 says:

    R.I.P. Rick, you were my? roll model and you fight for the big boys

  11. posionedhandsXxX says:

    Theres one dislike….. 🙁 ?

  12. PBandJ909 says:

    what’s the song??? so sad :'(

  13. iamFriskyyy says:

    miss? you buddy

  14. CANADAheartsJB says:

    Every time I watch this video I tear up and every time I hear this song I think of him he will be? missed dearly.

  15. allghilliedup21 says:

    I converted to the Canucks? after this video.

  16. TheCanucksFan91 says:

    that wasnt me dead serious someone hacked my account i? was even at the game where they had his memorial it was one of the saddest days in canucks history

  17. tmaner123 says:

    WTF you heartless piece of shit. grow up and gtfo. ripper is one hundred times the person you’ll ever be!?

  18. GuardianAngel274 says:

    It? has one dislike. D:


    everytime I watch this I start to tear up !? love you Rick see you in heaven bro <3

  20. pattymcmullan91 says:

    Mental? illness is much more serious then we may think it is. RIP Rypien! Would have loved seeing you play on the jets this year

  21. itstheswagninja says:


    we will all miss you

  22. TheCanucksFan91 says:

    im that one dislike isnt because the guys sad cuz he died? that person deserves to die

  23. aimeeylam says:

    this? makes my heart break. such talent, so sad to see depression takes this precious life.

  24. liamsmith989 says:

    still? thinking of him 2 months on :'(