Rick Mercer Report: Canada Explained.

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    I thought I’d let you guys know, this is mostly a joke…not much is true…well almost all of it isn’t true…?

  2. 2010CRF250Rider12 says:

    im from canada and i think? harper is a prick but the old people votes the dirty basterd in

  3. captainjack77 says:

    Yeah? a Liberal PM would be a lot better! Completely open the boarders to the third world (take a look at Ontario), give everyone free money, since “dey aint gotz no book learnin”, socialize business so even more entrepreneur’s flee elsewhere, open the prisons because those prisoners have it too hard, and deserve a second, third, forth chance. The future of Canada looks great with a Liberal PM! We do not need another Trudeau. The Liberal base – Criminals, Foreigners.

  4. TheVicFishing says:

    Saying that obama is? not better

  5. StevenBee2 says:

    huh? I’m didn’t say a? think about Obama.

  6. TheVicFishing says:

    what about obama? -.- shame on you

  7. ohmylovelydays says:

    I’m on? hold with Rogers right now…

  8. Lindor15 says:

    I like how he? keeps slapping Harper’s face with the pointer. Very satisfying.

  9. dirtydresser5 says:

    you would think thats all there? is to confuse you but there is way more than this

  10. iMariuz says:

    yup, so watch out for flying? hockey pucks

  11. kidmecha says:

    I can’t wait till Stephen Harper’s time is? over as PM.

  12. TDPKendra says:

    this is a good thing. the gg doesn’t represent any part of canada? or any party. if someone with a majority pushed through a bill that denied canadians rights she could step in and stop it cold.

  13. TDPKendra says:

    erudite and perspicaceous. so rare to see both in one succint post.?

  14. Infidel660 says:

    Wow.. That has to be one of the most intelligent and thoughful comments ever? made.

  15. mgtquickscopes7 says:

    ……? Still better than America’s…….

  16. xXDemonicPlushiieeXx says:

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  17. devilmusictime says:

    “being on hold? with rogers” bahahaha