Richard Dawkins on Studio 4 in Vancouver – Part 5 of 5

Fanny Kiefer, of ShawTV’s Studio 4, interviews Dr. Dawkins in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

[HD]Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir OD 2010 Vancouver Olympics (Farrucas by Pepe Romero )

Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir 2010 Vancouver Olympics Original Dance (Ice Dance Champion) Music: Farrucas by Pepe Romero Total Score 68.41 Executed Elements 32.90 Factored Program Components 35.51 1st place
Video Rating: 4 / 5

26 Responses to “Richard Dawkins on Studio 4 in Vancouver – Part 5 of 5”

  1. Ordeal1000 says:

    Mr Richard Dawkins Rules? NOTHING,? They Rule , Visit Website, type godsurety . org directly on? your browser, in flesh. Science has proven that “God” does? exist, yes, the One who made decision to put everything in order so that we see it as it is, and we are meant to have a freewill? to make? any “Individual Selection”… Spread? The News to all Your Friends.. get F.O.C Update of Science, Mr Dawkins is sooooooooooo out of date, backward, stupid, as Old saying: little knowledge is dangerous..

  2. trebomb23 says:

    If he is all-knowing and all-powerful, and not all-good. He will undoubtedly make unjust decisions. If he is all-powerful and all-good, he? lacks the all-knowing power to know when to intervene. Once again rendering him useless. I rest my case.

  3. trebomb23 says:

    Furthermore, if your “god” is -as is believed- all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-good. Why is there war and famine? Why is there genocide and disease?? Surely your all-knowing, all-good, all-powerful “god” would step in. However, through clear evidence undeniably known as human history there has never been intervention. Now if your god was only two of these things, say all-good and all-knowing. He lacks the all-powerful ability to intervene rendering him useless. Therefore, not a god.

  4. trebomb23 says:

    Gravity might not exist?! Are you serious? Jump up and see what happens. Do you float away? No! That? is gravity! Look at astronauts who go to space and are clearly not affected by gravity. Look up a a group known as the zero g corporation. Its blatantly obvious, you are being sickeningly ignorant.

  5. amountstax4 says:

    Theory has 2 meanings. Most religious people try to say that? evolution is just a guess. In science it is something completely different. Won’t lie, next is a quote from Wikipedia. I think it provides the definition more eloquently than I.

    “Theory” comprises a collection of concepts, including abstractions of observable phenomena expressed as quantifiable properties, together with rules (called scientific laws) that express relationships between observations of such concepts.

  6. Mickr4 says:

    It’s sad to see people knowing so little..? You didn’t even try to look for it dont ya?

    watch?v=CUexAhUcx_8 <- Gravity for kid, you may understand this one better You can test and measure it. A 3tons weigh will fall at the same speed as a 1kilos weigh. Lots and lots of experiment have been done.. There is so much invention depending on the theorie of gravity that you can't denies it.. Wow i can't believe i'm explaining gravity... Are you from bronze age ??? LOL

  7. oOADROo says:

    ”You can measure gravity” My good friend ender003 said gravity is a theory that means that gravity might not exist so how can anyone measure something that science are not sure about?
    Yes science is too late! Religions have got there first! No point telling people of faith? that this planet was once called Planet of the Apes because they will only laugh at you. In their mines there’s nothing greater than God and it’s God that created all things.

  8. Mickr4 says:

    lolol Ur a show on ur own XD Are you serious ?
    You can’t see air and can’t see gravity… But YOU CAN measure it, test it, do experiment that show that it exist and how it work..
    But you can’t do that with Gods, fairytale and imaginary things..
    I dont mean to disrespect you sir but you really seen to? need more information before making your opinion.. Except if you have been indoctrinated since childhood then it may be to late 🙁
    youtube — user/WhyEvolutionIsTrue
    Tons of Documentarys

  9. oOADROo says:

    You have a brain, you don’t need Dawkins to explain to you? how things came about, all you have to do is look at manmade objects and apply the same theory of evolution unto that and you will get an answer.

  10. ender003 says:

    But what Richard Dawkins said is based on evidence and facts. So that’s where a? rational mind should be headed.

  11. oOADROo says:

    Now apply that same rational? thinking to creation, forget what Richard Dawkins said or religions just look at creation and apply the same principle.

  12. ender003 says:

    We weren’t talking about god but okay.

    Which? god should that be applied to?

  13. wazabi putri says:


  14. misina211 says:

    Are they a couple off the ice? If not, they sure seem like it on the ice, which is a tribute to how well they portray the characters of each dance they perform. They relate to each other like they are in love, especially in this original dance. Moir totally holds his own too, which is unusual in ice dancing, as the woman usually steals the show. Same could be said of White of the? American pair.

  15. tantranminh1 says:

    I love Tessa very much? !

  16. fadelapouit says:

    must? Russian of French :p

  17. gimichi says:

    pure beauty:? wonderful

  18. 0zziero says:

    I want to comment, but I don’t? know what to write. I’m shocked by this perfection. Bravo!

  19. YaakovSarafian says:

    wow, my God !!!
    This makes me feel a piece of shit? 🙁

  20. shuthellupify says:

    Woahhhh….They are amazing?

  21. ms1982Lilly says:

    This gives a whole new meaning to the? word perfection. It should have gazillions of millions of views:-).

  22. muscleboi4use says:

    I have to agree with you… fans all over the world respect the Russian school of ice dance and? figure skating. I am British and have respect for the technical and artistic training of the Russian school not to mention amazing discipline too! Respect!

  23. TheElePa says:

    Probably you have reason but, I say, what a? terrific icing on the cake !!!

  24. Kindzadzaa says:

    As far as I remember, I wanted to? say, that sometimes operators try to create some intriguedrama by showing people in a specific way, & spectators do interprete things according to their spoiled nature. It’s a show. & It’s unpleasant, when somebody is deliberately shown in a bad(false) light – I don’t know how to say it correctly. Sorry for my English.

  25. TheSomsom3 says:

    They are true? artists.

  26. belladonna137 says:

    nothing you said makes any sense to me what so ever. its like a bunch of sort of sentences all jumbled into? this mess of a paragraph that was really hard to follow….